Dead War


9. Christmas horrors pt.2

I ignored the smoky streets and watched the iron giant slip to the bottom of the harbor. The flames that once raged on her now die off as the water touches them gently tenderly as if a lovers embrace. I look at the street after the swastika falls victim to the icy water of the bay and see that the smoke is clear and the troops are bringing in more men and some tanks.

"Betty could you come downstairs please?"

"Yeah sure dad."

When i get down the stairs everything's back to normal as if nothing happened the lights are on the shutters open and the radio blaring Christmas music.

"But baby its cold outside."

"I'm glad everything's okay again now lets get back to dancing Ma."

My dad calls our mom Ma when around my brothers because they're still young. I know my moms name it's a really pretty one too.

"I've got to go away."

"Baby its cold out side."

My father grins ear to ear as he swings about slowly with my mom in his arms. He plants a kiss onto her forehead quickly before the swings her out by her arm then coiling her in till her back touches his chest. They keep their smiles and the slow pace of the song in their step. I sit back down on my arm chair and pick up my art book and draw them every last detail down to the the individual hairs and wrinkles on their faces as they dance. They make me really happy with how they are it makes me believe that fairy tale endings can come true. No one in my house fights or argues we're all extremely happy. Just as the song ends they give each other a tight hug.

"I love you Franny."

"I love you too Billy."

I give them a smile when I see them. My dad smiles and walks over to me with a bright smile on his face.

"You drawing us again?" He says it as he grabs me and tickles me.

We laugh and sit on the couch to listen to the radio and open our small gifts for the night before the big holiday. I look at the tall grandfather clock to see what time it was it read 6:45.

"Here you go Betty."

My mom hands me a small gift with a smile on her face. I tear through the paper and see new drawing pencils with the proper knife to sharpen them. I burst with joy and hug my mom and dad.

"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome sweetheart i saw them when driving home from work and thought of you instantly."

I pull the box open and start to use them to draw the five of us on the couch with smiles on our faces the tree to the left of the couch and lamp to the right i get down to every last detail before showing them. My brothers are twins they aren't that much younger than me 5 years apart from me. When they open the gifts they were given they see more cars to play with and brighten up at the sight of new toys to play with. Our neighbors come over to sit by the fire and talk with my parents while me and their son hang out we end up heading up the stairs into my room to relax and hang out a little bit. My brothers come flying up the stairs and jump on us slamming the door behind them and tickling me with the help of Jimmy.

"Good job Alexander and Benjamin."

We all laugh and smile when i hear a knock at the door and I yell to dad to get it for me so I can keep my brothers and Jimmy busy.

"I was going to get it Betty don't worry."

I can her my dad open the door then ask whats goin' on then a loud pop erupts from the base of the stairs my mom and neighbors scream out with terror and then three more pops go off the the sound of military boots storming up the stairs towards the rooms then the slamming of doors open. I remember my window was open and the roof out side of it.

"Jimmy take the boys and go out onto the roof then find a way down."

"What about you?"

"I wont be far behind."

I lock my door and push my dresser in front of it before climbing through the window onto the roof the shutter is closed by a gust of wind behind me. Jimmy's foot prints are easy to follow so i step in them and find where they went down to the back yard. I can see them standing there waiting for me to join them. The snow hill is tall enough for me to slid down to them I remember that we are only in our slippers and shirts. Jimmy says he'll go in to get our shoes and jackets. I take my brothers to the car and sit them in the back and tell them to stay close to the floor then walk with Jimmy into the house to grab our stuff.

​"Jesus Christ."

​"I ain't leaving till I have my brothers jackets and shoes."

I step over my fathers lifeless body and grab the two small jackets and shoes. Jimmy puts his jacket and shoes on then helps me with my jacket on and grab the car keys. When we get out to the car I give the boys their jackets and shoes as I got into the drivers side and started the car.

"Are you sure you can drive the car?"

"Yes I am Jim. I need to keep you and my brothers safe."

"Betty? Is mommy and daddy ok?"

"I don't want to talk about it Ben."

I pull the gear down to reverse and pull out of the drive way and star to drive north towards Canada. The images of my parents bodies flash through my mind as I drive us towards the border and out to hopeful safety.

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