Dead War


13. Arriving in Germany

We wake up from our nap, when I check my watch the time reads 1:20. I look out the window and the sun is still in the sky so I know its still day. I look over and see that Benjie and Alex are snuggled up next to Jim like they would to our dad. Jim wakes up not to long after I do I nod at him to wake the boys so we can keep the boat clean and proper for when we see our uncle.

​"Benjie, Alex time to get up guys we have work to do."

"Five more..."

​"...minuets Jim."

​"No lets go guys we have chores to do."

​Benjie and Alex groan and pull themselves up then start to shuffle to the lower decks. Once the disappear I look Jim in the eyes and kiss him. Its a long passionate kiss it feels like hours but its only seconds. When I pull away I notice a harbour Jim can see the delight in my eyes and turns to see it. My joy turns to horror when I see a massive ocean liner half sunk in it with bodies and people strewn about I soon realized when we got closer that they were like the man in the car they aren't alive per say. Benjie comes up from the lowest decks with a rifle in his hands and Alex with 10 boxes of shells and a revolver.

​"Where did you boys get those?" Jim exclaims

"We found them while playing pirates!"

​"Well I'll take that rifle and your sister can have the little one."

"Awe... But I wanted the little one."

​I glare at Alex as he hands me the revolver. Benjie and Alex pass out the shells for each and pack our bags quickly before we make it to the docks. The get everything ready to go as soon as the side of the boat hits the dock we all hop off and try to find a car I franticly dart my head around before finding one. I then snap back when Jim hollers at me.

"Betty we have a slight issue!"

​"Oh for heaven sakes cant we get a break?"

​I spin around so my brothers are between me and Jim as these walking corpses shuffle closer, I quickly tell Benjie and Alex to close their eyes before they see anything. At that moment I wanted to fire off a few round to take some down but I heard rifle fire and saw about ten of them drop before we heard a young girl yell to get inside the house she's in.

"Holen Sie sich eilig ins Haus!"

​She waves us in and unbolts the door, I tell the boys to make a break for it to the girl. Benjie and Alex take off and hide inside the house, Jim and I follow the boys but make sure there aren't any following us. When we reach the door we flop in and help bolt and cover the door after we get the door safe I nod to her.

​"Thanks for helping us." I study her face she isn't much older than me maybe a year but she looks like a young man short hair a dark blue shirt with overalls and a golfing cap on.

​"Not a problem I saw two young boys and his parents in need."

"Oh no we aren't their parents those are my brothers and this is my boyfriend."

​"Oh I'm sorry you saw the car too didn't you?"

"Yes I did but how do you speak such good English?"

​"My mother is English and my Father is of course German."

​Jim buts in quickly "Can we get to the car and get the hell out of here?"

​"Yes we can but I have to grab my munitions and cloths."

​She races up the stairs to grab her stuff while I try to calm my brothers down from what just happened. She comes down the stairs like a bat out of hell with a bag slung over her shoulder.

"We ready to go?"

"Yes we are miss?"

"Hunter the names Hunter."

"Nice to meet you I'm Betty these two are my twin brothers Benjie and Alex, and that hunk over there is Jim."

With that out of the way I put the revolver through my belt on my dress that's around my waist and pick my brothers up so we can run faster. Jim and Hunter get the door open so that I can make a dash to the car with them behind me to make sure the three of use are safe. When I get to the car I put my brothers side by side in the back and hop into the drivers side Jim gets in next to me and hunter in the back with my brothers. I look for the key and see it just outside the door I throw open the door hitting one of them grab the key and slam the door shut.

​"Hold on guys." I turn the key and hit the gas.

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