Dead War


19. A Soviet Mountan Fortress

​While on our way to the fortress we see the wreck of a large tank. Her height is nearly the same as Edgars tank. I notice that she has three turrets two of which have machine guns in them and the main turret has a long barreled gun in it.

"That's the T28 medium tank Al. I noticed you were gawking at it and that guns only a 57mm Zis-4."

"Jesus why did you soviet lot think that was a good idea to make those damned things?"

"Addi you're being a prick now." I hiss at him.

"That's the one I commanded before it being knocked out of action my whole crew gone in the fire."

​We didn't know what to say he seemed so hurt by the happening of that monstrous tank.

​"I'm so sorry mate, that's a hell of a thing to see."

​"I don't need your sympathy."

I gave him a glare before we pulled up onto the gates of the fortress and I realized the wall was high and the fort wasn't anywhere to be seen. Until we entered the 'gates' of the wall that I realized in was carved into the base of a mountain.

​"Jesus merphy how long have you been staying here for?"

​"Few months now its the only way we can survive without needing to constantly move about."

​My eyes widen when I finally figure out that with the sulfur mine possible inside the fort that they could make their own munitions till it runs dry and the artillery doesn't need much to make a splash. I take a quick glance over to Edgar who seems to have given a quick kiss to another man of his crew and I thought it odd but quickly shrugged it off as a trick of the eye. Later on while unpacking and getting settled into our bunk room I walked up to him after we're alone.

​"Edgar I have a question."

"Yes Al what is it?"

​"I thought I saw you kiss another man earlier, and I was wonderin' do you like men?"

​"God no I don't like men it must have been your eyes playing tricks."

​"Edgar mate you don't have to hide nothin from me I ain't going to make it hell for ya."

​After a long reluctant pause from him he looked me in the eyes and said what I never thought I would hear from another man.

​"Aye its true I would rather the company of another man rather than a woman."

​"That's fine in my eyes lad it ain't no issue to any of the men that serve with me not even the German men."

​His face gave from a somber mournful look to a bright smile and a happy posture he seems happy that I don't care what he does with people in the bedroom. That's a first for me I've never knows a young woman who wants to be a young man or a man who likes to sleep with men. It's not that I have anything against them I believe that if they are happy with what they do its great and that's just fine. She.. Crap he looks grand like that and Edgar is happy with who ever and that's just fine.

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