Lily and James

This is a fan fiction about the story behind Lily and James.
A lot of people give James a hard time for being kind of a bully, so I made this to show James in a better light.


3. wedding cake

Lily sat on her bed, re-doing her ponytail, for the fifth time.

“You look fine, just go!” Cady, her roomie, said “Be yourself!”

“Yeah, thanks.” Lily tried to give a smile, but was too nervous.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Lily straightened her jacket and walked out to the great hall, where all of the students were lined up, waiting to leave for Hogsmeade. As she searched for james she saw Severus, standing in the back of the room, watching Lily. Resisting the urge to wave she walked up the until she found James.

“Morning.” Lily sheepishly smiled.

“Hey, Lily,” James smiled back. “Thanks again for coming to Hogsmeade with me.”

“Yeah, I think it’ll be fun. I always like an excuse to get some more chocolate frogs.” Lilys heart was beating fast, she could feel her stomach in her throat.

“Me too.” James said, distracted, as Sirius and Lupin came walking up to them. “I apologize in advance, Evans.” He sighed.

“Hello, you too.” Sirius said, giddy.

“Sirius, be nice.” Remus murmured.

“I am being nice!” Sirius grinned “ I just hope I get to be the best man.” He added.

“Shut it.” James said, followed by a smack on the back of sirius's head.

“So, it’ll be Remus?” Sirius pouted “Man, James. After all we’ve been through. I thought I knew you better than that. Well, I say we let Lily decide. She is apart of this wedding too, you know.” He turned to Lily.

“Umm, well, I haven’t thought much about that, I’m more concerned about that cake. What do you think, classic Vanilla, or chocolate?” Lily tried to smile, she wanted to play along.

“Personally, I think both.” Remus said, quietly.

“Thats a good idea, Remus. Well, I see you guys later. Come on James, let's go.”

“Bye, guys.” James said, astonished. Lily and James walked out of the castle, headed towards Hogsmeade.

“Sorry about that,” James said “You know Sirius, always making things awkward.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry. I know they just like to have fun.” Lily reassured him.

“So, you really think chocolate, and vanilla?” James asked, Lily giggled.

“Maybe, we’ll see.” Lilys cheeks were red. They suddenly arrived at Hogsmeade, their conversation making time go by fast.

“So, are you hungry?” James asked.

“ I could eat,” Lily respond

“Okay, let’s get a table at the three broomsticks.” They walked into the pub.

After they got their table, and a drink, they sat, awkwardly.

“ I noticed you haven’t been hanging around Severus as much lately.” James pointed out.

“Yeah. That has a lot to do with this, actually.” Lily felt guilty.

“About you and I?”

“Yeah. Severus sort of loathes you, you know.”

“I kinda noticed that.” James rubbed his head

“It might be because your a real jerk to him, you know?” Lily didn’t know whether or not that was okay to say.

“I know. I’ve been good, though. I know how much he means to you.” James searched Lily's eyes for approval.

“ I know you have. That’s why I agreed to this. Severus still hates this, though.”

“Well, this isn’t about him.” James said softly.

“ I know it isn’t,” Lily reassured him “He doesn't decide what I can and cannot do.”

The two of them stepped out of the pub, and sat on a bench behind it. They talked about their families, and quidditch. The more they talked, the more easily the conversation became. James pulled they yawning trick to put his arm around Lily, and Lily played the “I’m cold” trick to wear James sweater. Suddenly their conversation stopped, and they both just looked into eachothers eyes. Sirius would have definitely made fun of how corny they were being. James drew closer to Lily, and they kissed. The kiss felt long awaited, like waiting weeks to open that present that had been taunting you under the christmas tree. Lily felt warmth radiated throughout her whole body, and never wanted the moment to end.

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