Lily and James

This is a fan fiction about the story behind Lily and James.
A lot of people give James a hard time for being kind of a bully, so I made this to show James in a better light.


2. just a little date, is all...

“I cannot believe that you actually agreed to this.” Severus spat at Lily.

“Well, I did.” Lily responded, half listening.

“With Potter! I thought you had more dignity than that, Lil’s.” He was disappointed.

“Guess I don’t, then.” Lily sighed, becoming more and more interesting in something at the ravenclaw table.

“So, you’re actually going through with it?” Snape half asked, half demanded.

“Looks like it.” Lily still stared away.

“Well, I guess you too deserve each other, then. One arrogant fool for a back stabbing, unloyal sad excuse for a friend!” Severus spat.

“James is kind, and he makes me laugh. You are condescending, and you make me depressed. I have to go back to the Gryffindor table before McGonigal sees.” Lily huffed away.

When she approached her table she looked around, and with a burst of courage she plopped down next to James.

“Hi, Evans.” James said timidly

“Hi, James.” Lily responded, giving her best smile.



“How’d you do on that charms exam?” Lily asked

“Oh, um, I think you need to tutor me next time.” James turned red.

“Yeah, no problem.” Lily once again giving her best smile.

“Hi, Remus!” Lily beamed as he sat next to James.

“Hi, Lily.” Remus looked at his feet. “Uh, do you want me to leave?” he asked.

“Oh, no,” Lily exclaimed “I have to be getting to class soon anyway. See you at Hogsmeade, James.” Lily scampered off, her hands shaking. As Lily headed off to her next class, she saw Severus watching James and murmuring angrily under his breath. Her emotions were everywhere, she didn’t know whether or not to be mad, or sympathetic to Severus. A flush of childhood memories swarmed her mind at the thought of them together, all were happy. Then a sudden picture of him yelling at her, and insulting her came to front. Lily shook her head, she couldn’t help but feel anger towards him. James had been so kind to Lily, never judgemental or rude, like Severus. James had made Severus's life horrible though. She reached the door to her class, but decided not to go in for a while. Was she doing to right thing? She should cancel the date with James? No, she wanted to go on this date. She did like James, he had stopped bugging Severus. Oh, Severus. Why did he care so much about this? Lily laughed to herself. She knew why. She had known why since their third year, when she found that letter. She was sort of betraying him, she was being an awful friend! Oh, but so was he! Severus had been so snarky, and moody. Ever since he got into dark magic,he changed. Lily didn’t like that change. She always felt that his love in dark magic had put distance between them, but their friendship was so strong, it didn’t really matter. They could still be friends after this, right? It’s just one trip to Hogsmeade! It’s not going to be very serious, just a little date. That was all, just a little date.

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