Lily and James

This is a fan fiction about the story behind Lily and James.
A lot of people give James a hard time for being kind of a bully, so I made this to show James in a better light.


1. Good day, Evans

Lily sat at her desk in charms, her face blotchy from tears. This had been the third fight with severus this week, every one stupider than the last. Lily shook her head at the thought of the argument, not able to shake the look in severus's eyes when he yelled at her. Severus walked in the room, his face also distraught. Lily suddenly bent down, frantically searching for something in her bag. If she could have crawled in there and hide forever, she would have. She watched his shoes, when the coast was clear she slowly came back up, keeping her eyes focused on the board in front of the class.

“Lil’s…” a soft voice came from behind her. Goosebumps sprouted up her spine. Clenching her teeth, she scribbled the notes harsley and looked dead ahead. “Lily, I’m sorry.” Lily wrote her notes, every letter becoming darker and darker. “Lily, please.” The notes were illegible at this point, yet she still continued to scribble, her jaw clenched tight. “Lily, you're being stupid, this is stupid.” With that, her quill snapped.

“Stop,” Lily said between her teeth “Just stop talking.” Back down to the bag she went, wishing even more this time to hide within it.

Lily watched as James, Sirius, and Lupin all walked into class, James with his swagger, Sirius with his goofy grin , and Lupin with his sheepish smile. Warmth overcame Lily, and she couldn’t help but smile to herself. The boys always brought an uplifting energy with them to every room they walked into. Lily would never admit this, but she loved having class with them. They stood by the board, whispering fusley to each other. James rubbed his head, making his calic worse than it already was. With a slap on the back from Sirius, James turned towards Lily.

“OY! Evans!” James called, and hooked arms with Sirius and Lupin, both holding huge grins on their faces. They proceeded to skip about the class, to a beat only they could hear. They approached Lily,

“Goodday, Evans.” Sirius bowed and moved aside.

“Happy times, Evans.” Lupin shook her hand,

“Have a good morrow, Miss.Evans” James took Lily’s hands and warmth sprouted from them, all the way to Lily’s cheeks, She looked down. He proceeded to perform a very intricate handshake, mumbling “One and two, and three, and four.”

“The same to you as well, happy tidings to you.” Lily responded.

“Wow.” James said the Sirius.

“Wow, what?” Lily intergected.

“I’m just surprised you had no sarcastic comment today.” James responded.

“Oh, really?” Lily asked, “I didn’t know you wanted one. I could say one, if that's what you’d like. It’s not very difficult.”

“Oh, no. I’m just surprised, is all.” James told Lily.

“I’m not that bad. I can play along too, you know. When you are actually acting like a human being and unlike an arrogant little child, you can be quite humorous.”

“Told you.” whispered Lupin “Play it nice.”

“Lupin’s right.” Lily added, “You should listen to him more often.”

“So, if I act like a normal human being, does that mean you’ll go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” James asked, his swagger turned back on.

“She must definitely will not!” Severus interjected from behind Lily.

“No one asked you, Severus.” Lily snapped.

“Yeah. Shut it, Sevy.” Sirius spat.

“She has much higher standards than you, Potter.” Severus stood up.

“Like you’re any better!” cried Lily “At least Potter’s never called me a stupid mudblood .”

“Lily. I said I was sorry.” Severus sighed “See, here you go again,”

“Stuff it, Sev. You said what you said at lunch. Just stop.”

“Listen up!” McGonagall walked to the front of the class “I hope we all copied the notes, Potter.”.

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