My Heart For Yours

"His name is Stephen Green." Alissa gushed excitedly to me, her cheeks were bright red and her smile was as contagious as a cold. I smiled nodding, I'd never met her boyfriend before and now she was telling me how he was moving to our school.

~Kaelin Morgans was a Sophomore at Gateland High. She had never experienced the feeling of having a significant other or partner. She enjoyed being alone with her friend Alissa, dating had never struck her as something she'd want to be in.


2. So You're Dating My Friend.

I walked off and didn't turn back, I wanted to but I kept my head straight and kept walking. After the incident in which I had bumped into Alyssa's boyfriend I was anxious and embarrassed for the rest of the day. I was making my way home as I usually did and I heard my name being yelled from behind me. 

"Kaelin! Is it Kaelin? Kaelin!" I heard someone shout, it sounded somewhat familiar, but I decided not to turn. It was either a jock trying to impress his friends or my cousin. I wouldn't answer either way so I plugged my earbuds in and started playing Six Degrees of Separation by The Script. I hummed the tune and walked a bit faster wanting to get home as soon as possible. The recent clown sightings had literally left me mortified because clowns had always scared me even before people had killer sightings. In all honesty I believed that people were blowing this way out of proportion, but no matter. They scared, and still scare, the crap out of me. 

I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and I turned my mouth opening as I began to scream, I felt another hand against my mouth keeping my screams muffled.  Who was this!? What's happening to me?! Someone help me!

"Shh. Calm down Kaelin, it's me Stephen." I heard his voice whisper into my ear. I shivered immediately recognizing the voice, I relaxed and nodded quickly. He let go of my mouth and my shoulder and I turned around looking up at him. 

"Uh.. Hi.." I mumbled lifting my hand as a hello gesture. He smiled and I could already feel my cheeks warming up. Why did he have this affect on me? I gulped and looked back down unplugging my earbuds from my ears and pausing the song. Just until I get home. That's as long as I have to deal with this. I can do it.

"So you're uh dating my friend huh?" I chirped nervously and he nodded. He smiled and stuffed his hands into his pockets. 

I walked a bit quicker and I don't think he noticed it, but I noticed him take longer strides as he walked at the same pace as me. When I got to my neighborhood I realized he hadn't left my side. He walked me up to my porch step, I bit my bottom lip tugging gently as I unlocked my door. 

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