My Heart For Yours

"His name is Stephen Green." Alissa gushed excitedly to me, her cheeks were bright red and her smile was as contagious as a cold. I smiled nodding, I'd never met her boyfriend before and now she was telling me how he was moving to our school.

~Kaelin Morgans was a Sophomore at Gateland High. She had never experienced the feeling of having a significant other or partner. She enjoyed being alone with her friend Alissa, dating had never struck her as something she'd want to be in.


1. Nice to Meet You?

As Alissa began to rant and lose control over herself I started to tune out. I'd lost interest in our conversation the moment she said her boyfriend was moving to our school. 

"He and I met up a couple times at Juice Jamba and we kissed! I loved every second of it! Plus he's moving to our school so I'll get to see him everyday!" was all I heard before I zoned out looking deeply at a dying rose. The tips black and the center red, its delicate petals on the verge of falling off if someone were to touch it even slightly. It was calm, the noise around me was no longer there, I had zoned out completely just staring at the peaceful rose. I finally tuned back in and listened carefully to the last words she said.

"I think I'm in love! He might be my first too!" she squealed, I sighed and stood up looking down at her.

"Don't be an idiot Alissa. It might not last after you give him your virginity." With that I began walking away rolling my eyes and pushing my earbuds into my ears listening to my favorite song, Drown by Front Porch Step. 

I wasn't interested in her complains and whining as she followed me closely trying to get me to listen. I just didn't care, relationships seemed overrated and I never saw anyone as more than a friend or an acquaintance. Whether a person was a boy or girl it didn't matter to me, I'd just never be interested in them as a partner. Many people had said I was weird, but in all honesty, I was just following my brain and my heart. Well, my heart never really mattered. I never felt that ache or pain in my heart because I never got hurt. 

I walked into my classroom and sat in my seat looking at the same faces that showed up everyday, the classic "bad boy" that decided to leave and come back when he noticed someone had sat in his seat, the "most popular girl in school", the "nerd clan", and everything else you'd read about in books. I had one best friend in my life and it wasn't Alissa, sure I called her bestie sometimes, but she hardly knows me and she's not as special as my old best friend.

After class I walked out like I usually did, before I got far I hit my head on something hard and tall. I stumbled back a bit and looked up seeing a tan face, green eyes, messy brown hair, and a sculpted face. I could feel my cheeks warm up and tingle as he grunted and looked down at me. 

"I-.. I'm sorry." I stutter out nervously. 'Who was he?' 'Is he new?' 'What's going to happen now?' 'I feel bad for bumping into him.' 

"It's alright, hey, do you know Alissa Martins?" He asked with a low voice. I nodded and bit my lip unable to speak as I took in all of his features. I heard a loud squeal and I knew exactly who it was from. I was pushed away into a wall and I grunted softly looking at Alissa practically tackle the boy to the ground as she wrapped her long legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, they kissed and people watched with interest and shock. 

"Oh, hey, this is my friend Kaelin Waters." Alissa chimed pointing at me with her right hand, she smiled proudly and clung closely to him. "Kaelin, meet Stephen." She continued with a wide smile. I kept my eyes low and put a single hand up waving a bit. 

"Nice to meet you Kaelin." He smiled, I want to say I didn't like the way my name rolled off his tongue, but I'd be lying. My name flowed off of his tongue so gracefully and it sent shivers down my spine. I wanted him to say my name over and over until I got tired of hearing it. I nodded quickly after realizing how awkward I must've appeared just standing there looking down as my cheeks burned. 


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