❤️A dream come true?!~❤️

Alex loves creative writing a lot at school her mom works at Nickelodeon Studios California Alex is a 16 year old girl who can't choose between her favorite tv's show Companies to write for Cartoonnetwork or Disney, Nickelodeon and the CW39 who will she chose on this crazy Adventure also a cute boy name Rhydian (not from the tv show wolf blood).


1. chapter 1: OMG my dream begin's

This is based on a dream I had ~ admin so enjoy my crazy dream

Alex pov

Hi my name is Alex Rose Flower I'm in creative writing right now my teacher asked me A question she said "what do we want to be when we" grow up?" That when I rises my hand and then she called my name.

"Yes Alex" she said

"I want to work for Cartoonnetwork Studio maybe the CW39" and "Nickelodeon and Disney" I said really excited with a sparkle in my eyes

"That's a lot of companies the only problem is that you can only have one" she said

I know but I really love them all I said back

Just then I heard a witch laugh coming from across the room

"Really who wants to read about love Fantasy and other shit that doesn't" exist" Molly said

That when I snapped at her and said "shut your piehole"

"See Miss Harper who want to her bad writing" Molly said

That when I grabbed my stuff and walked out "I'm going home"

The walk was like 30 minutes I ate and sat on my bed and watched Supernatural and eating popcorn then mom got home from work.

"Hey Alex" "I got good news for you" she said

"Okay mom what's is it" I pause Supernatural on Netflix and looked at her

"You know the clothes design you did in last year at school"she said

"Yeah" I said with excitement in my eyes "well I show your Nickelodeon" Studios" and they love the outfit she said happily

"So tomorrow you are coming to work with me" she said back at me

"That's really cool mom" I said I ran up to my room

And did a little happy dance and went to bed.

To be continued in chapter 2

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