The night


2. The unexpected

I was dead. I knew I was I watched them as they yelled and pumped my chest. Drewl crawled out my mouth. I was dead. I had to be. The dark sensation I had felt before was gone my hands and feet were gone. Everything was gone except my sight. Panting now, my breath slowly carved a vision of my outlined figure. My hands crossed over my chest, and the yellow curtains to the side of me pulled to. It gradually opened like the frost which shattered my body. Weeps and tears came flooding from behind the woman's hands that were moulded in front of her eyes. I tried to move however it was no use my life was stored in a box, a body. This is why I should have been listing to the human topic at school. I remembered a quote vaguely. "It is not our bodies which identify us, it's our soul" then the teacher rambled on about the meaning. Your body is just the car you have been given to drive blah blah blah... Behind the glass by the curtains the woman stood abruptly. It was my mum. All I wanted to do was crash down the wall the division between us but it wasn't the glass that divided me to her. It was death the fact I was... A ghost. I mean what more could I be. But what was going to happen. Would I die again. Be buried and left motionless for eternity. That couldn't be the way I end this life. This messed up crazy life.

"Darling I love so does your father, if you can hear me of see you know I love you more than you can imagen. Stay safe and." She passed taking a rather large gulp, "stay well." She left breaking into more tears.

"That's the mother then? How quaint a family reunion in a dead body freezer." A voice spoke.

"Urgh who are you, I'm already dead so good luck trying to kill me" I spoke confidently and hopefully believable, "who are you?" I asked breaking the tension in the crammed box. He paused sniggering then laughing. Finally giving a cheesy grin he answered...

"I'm death.".........

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