The night


1. The End

My hands trembling at the wheel, I could feel a shiver crawling up my spine. The murky edge of the Road was dark only the headlights as a map. I Knew it, I felt death it was literally around the corner...

"Hello. Mam can you here me?"


"Can you tell me your name"

"Hunter, hunter Elliot."

"Ok hunter you were in a car accident, we are going to the hospital now ok? "


She jolted me up onto a thin green carry hold. I could sense the muscles in their bodies clutching tight as they took every step. I could hear their hearts beating about to reach out of their chests. I couldn't see, a darkness was presented before me. It was cold, bleak and lonely. My jeans became tight, every organ in my body was pumping. I could swear they exploded. Fear drowned me like the waves that cradled me in Spain last year. My feet were numb, then the sensation rose up as if I was a thermometer rising in temperature. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.

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