Not a secret

"Hey Maria are you Okay?" Zayn asked the small girl sitting on the bed. "Why Zayn?" She looks up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. He looked at her with soft eyes. "It's not your fault babygirl. You'll be okay." He walked over to her as he held her close. Little did they know that everything was changing for them.. Maybe for the best or maybe the worst.


1. What happened?

    The bed sat their ready for the body to come lay in it. Soon their was a body falling down on it with a soft thud on it as the covers move back on it then over the body. The bed laid their as it held the soft and tired body ontop of it. Hours passed by with no noises around beside the soft snores coming from the body. Morning came as the body started moving around on the bed. It rose up and got of the bed. Soon the mom came into the room.     "Hunny it's time for school okay?" The body nodded at the young mom as it went to the bathroom. The mom went downstairs while making breakfast. The body got ready for school. It came down as the mom was fixing three plates. "Mommy?" The young body asked the young mom. The mom turned around and looked at the young body. "What is it baby?" She asked him softly. "Where's my bubby?" The young body asked her kind of depressed. "Don't worry about it love. He will be coming down here shortly."
     Soon after the brother came down hurrying to his mom as his feet seemed to fall over each other. "Good morning mom. How are you?" He asked the mom. The mom just smiled at him while kissing his head. "Morning babyboy. I'm just fine. How are you?" She asked him holding him tightly as she hugged him. "Mom I'm just fine. Just hungry." He sat down at his plate next to the younger body. Then he kissed the young body's head then started eating his food. He was hungry and ready to go to school. The youngest body started eating the food with the boy and the mom. It was quiet for a while as they were eating. Not a sound could be heard in the house beside the noise being made by them. It was weird being quiet in the house. 
    Their was usually yelling and laughs but since the dad left everything was depressed and sad. It was their favorite thing to do. Everyone looked forward to coming home but for him. But no one knows for sure. After the two kids were done eating the mom grabbed the dishes and started washing the dishes. "Finish getting ready for school then I'll take you." The two bodies run upstairs then finish getting ready for school. It took them a little bit. Soon the mom put the dishes away as the kids came running down the stairs. The mom slowly walks to the racket passing the living room. Where it was empty beside the cable boxes. If the dad could take the cable boxes with him he would. The mom just sighed at the memories. 
    The boy looks up at her as he grabbed her hand. He wanted to go but she seemed upset about something to him. He smiles weakly at her then leads her and his sibling to the car. The mom helped the two kids inside the car as she buckles them up. Her oldest was 6 and her youngest was 4. 
    It depressed her that he left her with the two precious kids. What hurt her the most is that her oldest looked just liked him. He's going to be a Mini me of him. But that wouldn't stop her from loving him. She looked at the house that seemed lifeless now to her. It seemed worthless to her and she just wish she could try and move on from the past. It just killed her to be like this. Her focus went back on the kids as they were looking at her. They were staring at her. 
    "Mommy?" The youngest asked. The kid clearly seemed upset. "Where's my daddy?" She froze up when the question was asked. "I don't know baby. All I know is that he isn't coming back." She got into the car, starting it up as it roared to life. She gripped the car wheels as she tried to calm down. Pulling out on to the road, her attention wasn't on the kids, but focused on the road away from everything. She turned onto the next road. The next thing she seen was a light coming down as her body seemed to be lifted up. 

How does everyone like the story? Please comment what you think of it and when I should publish my next chapter.

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