Not a secret

"Hey Maria are you Okay?" Zayn asked the small girl sitting on the bed. "Why Zayn?" She looks up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. He looked at her with soft eyes. "It's not your fault babygirl. You'll be okay." He walked over to her as he held her close. Little did they know that everything was changing for them.. Maybe for the best or maybe the worst.


2. Not okay.

The boy woke up slowly as he looked around. He seen his little sibling laying their. "Maria, please wake up." He cried out as he shook her shoulders. Slowly the little girl woke up as she looked up at her brother. "Harry what happened?" She asked softly to him rubbing her eyes. You could hear the scared inside of it. "Come on sis. Let's get out of the car." 
    He whispered inside her tiny ear. He climbed to the door opening it to get out as he helps his little sister out. The little girl smiles as she grabbed his hand. His shirt was tore up along with his face and arms. She looked at Harry sadly as she held his hand tightly close to her.  He smiles weakly back at her. 
    She seemed to be okay beside a tiny scratch on her cheek. He tried saving her and glad he did. Harry looked over and seen that his mom was laying across the ground dead. It broke his heart as he covered his little sisters eyes. She shouldn't see this. It was bad they lost their dad but to see the mom like this made it heartbreaking to them. 
    Harry tool her to the hospital spilling out what happened. Maria looks around confused clinching to his leg. "Harry what's going on?" She asked him tears swelling up in her eyes. He looked down and whispered. "Don't worry Maria. I will always protect you." She nods softly. Maria watches her brother get taking away from her.
     She sniffles softly as she yelled for him. "Harry!" She screams out trying to run after him but they jut got to far away from her. She fell down sobbing as she hugged her self. One of the workers slowly came over and got her. "You'll be okay love don't worry about it. You'll find your brother soon." 
    The worker carried her out to the car while she sobbed into him. She just wanted her brother but seemed like she couldn't never get him back. It broke her heart that the only thing she had left was him. The worker put her into the car while she was crying onto him. She knew better then to fight with the man. The man rubbed her back sitting in the back with her. 
    He tried calming her down but that seems like it can't help her any. He just kept doing what he thought was best. Maria got the hiccups from crying so hard. It killed her but she fell asleep on his chest soon after. She listened to his heart beat while his chest fell up and down. He ran his hand though her hair looking out the window. He waited for them to get tho their destination before moving her.     He got up, carrying her inside the home. He looked at the lady nodding softly before carrying her up to her new room. He laid her down softly feeling bad for her. He sat next to the bed playing with her hair softly. The worker tried waiting patiently for her to wake up. 
    Maria woke up slowly feeling someone playing with her hair. She kept her eyes shut. It sounded like the man who picked her up from the hospital. She slowly opened her eyes looking at him. She sat up slowly while he sat back watching her. "I'm sorry I took you here." He felt bad for touching her while she gave him dirty looks. Maria took a deep breath. "Where am I and where is my brother?" She asked him. She was tired of crying at this point so she hugged her knees. "Well you're brother is in the hospital. They are making sure he's okay. For where you are, you are in my home. The DHS has let me keep you since you lost both of your parents."
    Maria looks at him with tears in her eyes. "Where will my brother go?" She asked softly looking down to the ground. "Well someone else wanted to adopted him." She just nodded at him while looking down. She felt like crying. It killed her to know she will probably never see her brother again. The only thing she had left from her parents. Gone with a wink. She just started sobbing while she held onto him. "Well thank you for caring about me." She whispered to him. "You're more than welcome."

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