Stars Are Fire

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. A House known for its Purity, a House that Narcissa Black is of. But will a House wrought on Nobility, be able to stand the tests of time? This is the story of Natcissa Black. (Authors Note: The events of HP:TCC don't occur in this Fanfic)


4. Taste of Death

Battle of Hogwarts // Spring of 1998

She could remember that day as soon as her eyes closed. The way that though there were throngs of witches and wizards pressing in, she could only comprehend two things, the feeling of her husbands hand in hers, squeezing so painfully, and yet she welcomed it, the knowledge that he was alive and well. She looked across the hall, at where her boy stood, her Draco, surrounded by the students of Hogwarts. The castle was in rubbles all about her, and yet, she could only see, her boy, barely managing to hear Voldemort speak. It took all of her willpower to still the wand at her side.

She took in the sight of her son, clothes sodden and soot running across his face. A grim expression was etched on his face, as he gazed at them silently.

“Draco,” Lucius called out, instantly putting all attention on her boy, “Draco,” Lucius said again, more hopelessly this time, raising his hand and jostling around as if about to cross the divide himself.

Narcissa could bare it no longer, “Draco,” she forced out, trying to maintain an air of calm, “Come!” she nodded her head encouragingly.

She watched Draco’s head fall slightly, before glancing around, and maintaining his resolve as he brushed forward, walking past all of the Hogwarts onlookers. He walked confidently across the space, as Voldemort opened his arms welcomingly.           

“Ahh,” the Dark Lord sighed, “Well done, Draco” he congratulated, “Well done,” as he folded her boy into his arms in a awkward hug.

Narcissa jerked forward at the sight of the Dark Lord’s deadly wand so close to her boy’s head, but Lucius’ firm grip kept her in place. All the while her son watched her, his eyes etched in turmoil.

When Voldemort released him, Draco’s gait picked up as he strode towards them, and soon he was in her arms. She curled her arm protectively around Draco’s shoulders, as Lucius’ placed a comforting shoulder on his back. Soon she was ushering through the crowds of Death Eaters, glancing back to see Lucius looking at her retreating.

But before they could get too far, the battle had ensued. There were spells and curses flying through the air, and that arm that she had protectively around his shoulder was gone.

She couldn’t remember much of the details between only knowing that she found Draco, at arms with a Death Eater, she had raised her wand to curse him, when it happened too quickly. The death eater had fallen over, and Draco came away with a bloody nose cursing about the Weasley boy.

“Mum,” Draco had called out desperately, but Narcissa had just looked at him firmly.

She flicked her wand, sending a wizard flying through the air, “I’m not leaving here without your father!”

Draco stood his face lining with determination as he walked towards her, taking her hand, “Let’s find him!”

 It was chaos amongst the battle, and yet they eventually found Lucius, Narcissa barely having time to scream, “Accio, Lucius Malfoy,” pulling her husband towards her as spell shot through the air narrowly missing him.

The spell wasn’t strong enough however, and Lucius fell amongst the rubble, groaning in protest, as Draco and Narcissa rushed towards him. Leaning over him they pulled Lucius onto his feet, wrapping his arms around their shoulders.

Lucius turned to look at her, his eyes swelling with relief and all she could do was take a moment to sigh in relief, to see his icy gaze taking her in.

“Mum,” Draco interrupted warningly, and she nodded immediately, pulling them forward and away from the Battle.

It ended the way it always did in Hogwarts, in the Great Hall. She could hear the wails of the Weasley family tucked away in the corner; they’d lost one of their own. In another space, a girl was being rapidly treated for a werewolf bite.

Narcissa swallowed a lump in her throat, as she caught the site of two bodies tucked away, a man and a woman lying on a cot. The man looked older almost her age. He had scars cutting across his face; in that moment she noticed the distinguishable body of a man who had been attacked by a werewolf, Remus Lupin. She immediately turned to the cot beside him, taking in the frame of a young petite woman.

Nyphandora Tonks that had been her name.  She was currently sporting bright orange hair and though it was hard to glimpse from this angle, she caught sight of a face that mildly mimicked her sister. Her hand was outstretched reaching towards the werewolf, and in that moment Narcissa felt a pang of something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Bellatrix,” she heard the name being whispered as a passing witch nodded her head at the bodies, whispering something about a baby.

“Narcissa,” Lucius muttered, pulling her gaze away from her niece, she turned to look at her husband, “Let’s go,” he demanded earnestly.

It was Draco that spoke next, “No,” he stated firmly, “We can’t leave, not like this.”

And so they stood in the Great Hall of a castle that was once known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly, taking in the wreckage and pain.

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