Stars Are Fire

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. A House known for its Purity, a House that Narcissa Black is of. But will a House wrought on Nobility, be able to stand the tests of time? This is the story of Natcissa Black. (Authors Note: The events of HP:TCC don't occur in this Fanfic)


1. The Dragon & Her Wrath

Winter of 1971

Number 12 Grimuald Place, had never been so pleasant. It wasn’t giddy or captivating per say, but it was pleasant, and that was what was important. Narcissa Malfoy combed a lock of her blonde hair out of the way, before smoothing the skirt of her dress down. She was sixteen years of age, and had been ordered home by her parents to spend it with family, and at this very moment she was okay with it, it was after all better than being trapped at Hogwarts with mud bloods and half-bloods. She wrinkled her nose at the thought, of it, happy that she was in Slytherin, and didn’t have to deal with their filth.

She looked across the room at her sister Andromeda, at where she sat across the room talking to their cousin, Regulas, an unreadable expression morphing on her face.

Andromeda looked beautiful as always. Her dark brown hair styled beautifully and the pink of her dress stood out warmly in the room. Andromeda was often confused for Bellatrix, but Narcissa knew the difference, there was softness to Andromeda. It wasn’t a bad thing though, or at least it hadn’t been, if Narcissa had ever injured herself or shoulder to cry on, when she was younger of course, it was Andromeda she would go to. But if she wanted something done, she would talk to Bellatrix, Bella had a way like that.

“You all right, Cissa?” Sirius asked as he sauntered to where Narcissa sat in the living room.

Sirius had changed in the last year of being at Hogwarts. It wasn’t the fact that he had been sorted into Gryffindor either, disgusting as that was. He’d grown taller and though he was only twelve he was nearly as tall as she was. He had also decided to grow out his hair, the shaggy mane, hanging down to his chin. Narcissa wrinkled her nose at the sight of him, she hadn’t seen him around much this school year, but she knew that he’d been around mud bloods and werewolves and Narcissa wasn’t sure how she felt about him here, though it was his house. It was… wrong.

Instead she closed the book in her hands, plastering a smile on her face, “Good, and you?” she asked as etiquette dictated.

She looked up at the smile that was plastered on Sirius’ face and there was something about it, he was happy… too happy.     

His smile hiding a secret, as he declared, “Splendid, simply, splendid Narcissa,” before reaching down and snatching her copy of Quintessence: A Quest for her Charms class, “What are you reading then?”

And though Narcissa desperately just wanted Sirius to leave her and her book alone, she watched helplessly as a sheaf of paper fell to the floor, “No, don’t” she begged, but Sirius was a twelve year old boy, who would listen to no one, and so he scooped up the note, crinkling its edges.

“What’s this?” he asked and before she could stop him, he was reading the contents of a the paper, “A love letter, eh?”

Andromeda had come closer, standing in front of the family tree, looked over a smile blooming on her face, “Oh, you’ve learnt of her little beau then?”

Sirius looked up and smiled at Andromeda in a knowing way, “You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?” before turning his gaze back to the paper, “Now Cissa, who’s the lucky git that’s going to get his arse kicked-“ he stopped talking and looked up at her dumbfounded.

“Malfoy?” he asked incredulously, “Malfoy? Really?”

Narcissa was cross now, she reached and snatched the book and paper from him, “You don’t know Lucius!” She snapped, “Your just an immature first year!”

“Actually I’m a second year,” Sirius said proudly, puffing his chest, so the Gryffindor colours stood out on his school robes, “And I don’t need to know Lucius,” he sneered the name, “To know that he’s a gigantic twat, out of all the boys you chose Malfoy?” he stopped looking at her like he wanted to shake her, “Hell, even Peter Pettigrew would have better option, or Moony?”

Narcissa wrinkled her nose again; “He’s a werewolf…” she barely managed to whisper distastefully, when Bella came striding into the room.

“Now, now, Sirius we can’t all be Mud blood lovers,” she said coolly, placing her hands on Narcissa shoulders, as if to guide her away.

But before she could, Andromeda stepped in, “Bella!” she reprimanded.

“What is it dear sister?” she asked Andromeda, and this was what Narcissa had been scared off, her sisters stared each other down.

It was like looking at two sides of a Galleon for they were of the same height and looked eerily similar. But Bella was dressed in black; her hair wild and unruly piled on the top of her head and had narrow eyes that were good at looking down at people for, her lips pulled into a cruel smile, whereas Andromeda was the softer side. She was dressed in the simple pink dress her hair pinned in place and her eyes rounded and soft and as beautiful as her smile.

“Do you think those children of filth deserve my respect,” and then she laughed the sound so cold and lifeless it sent a chill down Narcissa arms, “They don’t even deserve to lick the soles of my shoes,” and suddenly her wand was out.

“Andromeda Black,” the clear voice of Druella Black cut through the room and tension, and Narcissa thought it was over. Her mother would put everything in its place.

When she looked up she saw her mother and father along side Orion and Whalburga, her aunt and uncle. Her mother approached and though she wasn’t shouting her voice was cold and perhaps that was worse.

“Who’s Ted Tonks?”She asked calmly as if discussing the weather.

Narcissa looked at Andromeda and watched the colour leave her face as she put up her hands as if to calm the room, “No one,” she said quickly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Druella asked her voice so cold, “You’ve been consorting with FILTH!” her voice filled with so much anger.

Andromeda looked at her mother in the eye, as she whispered helplessly, “But I love him!”

Before anyone could stop Walburga Black had marched right up too Andromeda and struck her across the face. The room rang silent, as she said coldly, “No niece of mine is going to philander with that scum of the earth,” she took Andromeda’s jaw in her hand squeezing it closer, about to say something when Sirius interrupted.

“Mother,” Sirius admonished his strong voice ringing through it all, “Stop it, you’re hurting her!” he pulled out his wand, pointing at his mother, “Let her go mother!”

Orion Black finally decided to step forward, “Sirius…” but before he could do anything, the words Expelliarmus were uttered and the wand went flying into Bella’s hand, as she smiled gleefully waving the wand at Sirius.

At the same time there was a popping noise and then Kreacher was standing before them, he bowed low before Walburga, “Mistress, mistress,” he wailed.

Walburga Black turned and looked at her house elf in anger, “What is it?” she snapped.

“Mistress look at what the nasty brat did!” he showed a portion of the rag he wore, and stuck to the material was banner upon banner of the Gryffindor sigil, he glared angrily at Sirius, “Standing there as bold as brass,” he scoffed, “They’re everywhere around his room!”

Walburga turned her gaze to Sirius a scowl growing deep on her face, before another popping noise ensued and she was gone, taking Andromeda with her. There was silence for a moment before a crashing noise could be heard from upstairs, followed by Walburga’s voice shrieking.

Everyone chased up the stairs and Narcissa barely made it too Sirius' room to see the floors and walls covered in pictures that didn’t move, muggle pictures, and the Gryffindor sigil. All the while Kreacher was wailing as he tried to pull off the stickers from his garment.

Narcissa’s eye tracked to where Bella was taking in all the drama a cruel smile pulling on her lips as she taunted Sirius some more. But perhaps the loudest was Walburga who stood waving her arms between Sirius and Andromeda.

“This is all your fault,” she screamed at Andromeda, “Making my boy weak, filling his mind with your filth!”

Sirius was right there as well, trying to get his side heard, and screaming about how “mental” Walburga was. Soon the room was filled with noise along with the occasional spark here and there and all Narcissa could do was watch. Today was supposed to be a good day, she thought to herself watching the chaos, as the paintings added their voices.


Suddenly the room was filled with a flash of green light as an illuminating light filled the room. After her eyes had adjusted, she looked to see Andromeda in the middle of the room, her cheek raw from where her aunt had struck her.

She first looked at Kreacher, waving her wand in a sharp charm that caused all of the banners to fall from his garment, and then she said calmly, “I’m leaving!”

She looked at Narcissa then smiling weakly, before the popping sound filled the air and she apparated away. The room fell quite for a moment, before Sirius moved to leave slamming the doors as he went, until there was only silence to be heard.

“Wipe that snot off your face, Narcissa!” Bella barked at Narcissa, as she walked past to leave. Narcissa reached up to touch a stray tear, and knew that she should have stayed at Hogwarts; Hogwarts was home, mud blood filth and all.

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