zodiac: demons arise

this is a prologue to the next book in the series, its about a man named ryan maey. he is a human mage, in a world of war between the three great races demons, evil creatures who want to enslave humans. angels, gods first creation, want to rid the world of all evil. and humans, a wild card they all have different intentions but "unite" under a single banner.


3. chapter 2- trouble in the mountains

Ryan rushed off to the bottom floor of the building and when he got there it was in a panic. Everyone was yelling and running around as if something just happened then Ryan spoke "what happened?" he spoke flatly "the mountain base was attacked and destroyed" a red haired women responded. Ryan gave a look of shock before responding "angels?" 

"no angels dint attack in this type of manner"

"then who?" 

"there is only one other thing"

"but isnt it a little soon for that?" 

"your the one that keeps saying we don't know when they will return"

"fuck...we are not ready for this"


everyone watched the two talk until Ryan looked at the images that came in. the mountains were completely gone leaving a crater in its wake. "that is...at-least S rank magic" Ryan exclaimed "we know" a brown haired child said. "whats a child doing here?!" Ryan yelled "i'm Brandon, and im seventeen" Brandon exclaimed "what your way too short!" 

"says you"

"exactly says me!"

" for a cou-" Ryan covered Brandon's mouth and ran quickly. "how do you know about that?" Ryan spoke once they were a fair distance away. "my magic is called mind mile" Brandon spoke proudly "isnt that the magic that lets you read and control minds that are weaker or just as strong as your own?" Ryan asked "yes...although i only barley heard your thoughts" Brandon responded


"that is because i have barriers" Ryan exclaimed 


"but how did you break through?"

"because the barriers were not built for my version"

"your version?"

"ill explain later"


they both went back and no one said a word until a skinny man with no hair spoke "so what's our course of action?" he asked. "we start an investigation" Ryan responded as if on instinct. "i will go with squad 8, so get them together" he said. "yes sir!" everyone went back to their posts and Ryan left upstairs to his room.


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