House of Memories



1. Remember?

Look at this, this place of trees, rocks, and a subtle wall
Look at this, I remember it, before it all started to fall
Some fun times were created here, along with some arguments
Why is it that we only remember the good about a person, and we blame ourselves for the bad?
Why is it that once they're gone we think of how different we could have made what we had?
Why is it that all of the guilt and what if comes once they leave you?
We try to get them to stay although we know that it was their fault too
When I see that house of memories I am reminded of the times back then 
When I see that house of memories I am reminded of when
When we were together and when you actually cared about me
Before I knew it you were a trap and I was desperate to break free
As much as I wanted to keep you, I knew that it was best to let you go
Some things I wonder why you did, why you said, I may never know
You turned in an instant, we were friends one day and the next was different
All the sudden we were strangers, living in our past shadows, I knew it meant
It meant we had changed, for some reason you didn't like me or my ways
I, on the other hand, wished back for those times were happy in those days
I still remember the secrets were shared, I still remember the stories we made
I'll still remember the things you told me and I kept shut, even if the memories fade
Because as much as you were a bother, and you kept me up all night with worry
You've given strength to fight because I've beaten you and now I can tell a story
Our relationship was down the drain so quickly, I was glad to break away from you
I saw you the once and you acted as if we were friends still, but it was all new
I wonder if you'll ever know how much I tried to keep us alive
I wonder if our memories will ever fade, or will they survive?
My only hope for you is to find peace and to not treat anyone like you did to me
When I saw you and we greeted each other after years it was almost as if we were both free
Free from tensions and awkward stares, but deep down the old fire still burned 
I will never forget everything we had together, everything we learned
So when I see this, I see these walls, yards, tables, and I hear the breeze
I will never forget the times that we had together in this House of Memories

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