The Hatchmen

Eight years has passed by since Albina Ratownik has escaped from the Underground Hospital Prison of Dr. Smok. No one knows what happened to him but Albina is sure that he is dead because she saw his death before her very eyes. She has been adopted by a doctor who is a good man and she is survived her depression and PTSD. Now Albina is a police officer who hunts criminals but one day, everything goes downhill.

Four teenagers escape a train wreck but this train wreck was suspicious and abnormal. When the train crashed, no bodies were found and the four teenagers claim that two of their siblings and the rest of the passengers have been kidnapped by terrorists. They also mention someone by the name of Dr. Smok. Is Dr. Smok really alive out there, with terrorists, trying to cause more harm to people? Or are these teenagers lying and are they part of a conspiracy?

It's up to Albina to decide.


4. Tick Tock

When Cecylja woke up, the back of her head was swollen with pain. Blackness was parting and a light was seeping through the middle; the bright light made her head ache even more. She wanted to shut her eyes but she forced herself to open them. Her vision was blurry and her head was spinning so it was hard for her to make out the environment. The echoes of noises were too loud for her ears to bear; the environment was moving and shaking. Slowly Cecylja absorbed all that was happening and all her senses gradually sharpened.  

       Cecylja realized that she was laying down on a cold leather train seat and  she was facing up, staring at the blinding, ceiling lights. Part of her vision was obscured by the bottom of a gum-covered table . She tilted her head up with a herculean effort to see that out the rain-stained window that the sky was a lighter shade of blue. She tried to move but to no avail; her entire body was bound up tightly with gleaming, blue nylon rope. She struggled once again to move, to break free, but in vain.

            Her memories slowly started coming back as she tried to free herself from this cocoon.

            I was going on vacation trip to Pennsylvania with my cousins and my brother. she thought to herself  I  was talking with my cousins until we made fun of  Lil’ Wayne and we accidently offended a man with a “Lil’ Wayne” hoodie. I fell down the stairs and was helped by a friendly conductor but I  never saw him again. Later I saw the man with the “Lil’ Wayne” impersonating a conductor, there were people who hijacked the train and made us leave outside under threat of death. Many were taken away but my cousins my brother, some random people and I were chosen to be put on the train.      

            Shock ran through her like an electric current and blew her mind. All the wires in her brain started sparking and  hot wiring until all the cogs in her head started turning. From all this chaos, she, Antoni, Filipina, Jacek and other people were left to die on the train. How were they going to get die? Cecylja was not certain but death was certain. Everyone else was taken hostage to a mysterious, unknown destination with the terrorists. But Lilka and Brunon…were taken!

            “No!” croaked Cecylja “Why them? Why not me? I should have been taken away. But then again, they could be kept alive but I might not be able to get out of here alive.”

            Cecylja looked around her compartment for anything useful. There wasn’t a lot of things that could help her but there was one thing. On the side of the door there was a sharp, silver nail sticking and glinting against the ceiling light. Cecylja rolled off the leather seat and  landed on the floor with a thump! Her body shook for a moment from the impact but then she rolled over again so that she was flat on her stomach. She wriggled and slithered on the floor like a snake until she was near the doorway. When she got near the doorway, she rolled over so that she was flat on her back; then, her legs made a triangle-shaped arch and  she did one sit up. Once her back was up she flattened out her tied up legs on the ground so that she was in a sitting position. She tried getting up but that didn’t work.

            Cecylja made her legs into an arch again, she let the arch fall on the ground to her right and twisted her back to the right.  She leaned to the left until her head was close to the carpeted floor, her elbows were touching the floor and she was sitting on her legs. Next, she turned her back forward and was keeping a straight posture with both knees on the ground. Then, she let her toes curved so that they were touching the ground and  part of her feet were off the ground. Cecylja then sat back on her heels and quickly lifted her knees so thatshe was almost leaning on them. Then she stood up, straightened her legs and made a bow. Her feet automatically got back on the ground and she stood as straight as a statue. She was finally standing but unfortunately, she was still in her blue cocoon.

            Cecylja looked at the shimmering nail and estimated that it would be even with her back. She then slowly turned around a one hundred-eighty degree angle and had her back facing against the nail. Cautiously, she shifted backwards so that the nail was near the blue rope. Then she slowly moved her back up and down. The danger here was that the nail would pierce and wound her back but it was better to get a minor injury than die in a train. But then again, the nail could hit a major artery. It was worth a shot.

            For less than ten minutes, she rubbed her back against the nail but there didn’t seem to be any progress. Even though Cecylja did not know what the cause of her death would be, she knew that time was running out. Thud, thud, thud, thud. There was the noise of footsteps, someone or some people were here. They could be the other hostages on the train but then again it could be a killer. Was this how it all was going to end? There was no time to hide now.

            “Where could they be?” asked a familiar voice.

            “They could be in any compartment.” said another familiar voice.

            The footsteps were getting closer and two people popped up – Jacek and Antoni!

            “There you are!” exclaimed Antoni “I thought we weren’t going to find you.”

            Relief filled Cecylja as Jacek pulled out his pocket knife and cut the ropes one by one. Ropes were splitting and falling back as the thread were being cut. After the cocoon was cut open, it fell to the ground. Cecylja felt liberated from the tight bounds. She stood up and felt her front pocket…the glasses were still there! She wiped them with her shirt and put the smudged glasses on her face.

            “Come on,” said Jacek  “We need to find the others”

            “Jacek…” said Cecylja “it strikes me sad to know that…Lilka and Brunon…”

            The two of them looked at each other with sad eyes and the silence was painfully full and loud. Jacek then looked away from  Cecylja and  broke eye contact.

            “I know” he said

            “Really,” said Cecylja with genuine sadness “it breaks my heart to know that…”

            “Please,” he responded “Don’t talk about it. We have to find the others.”

            She nodded slowly. She kicked aside the rope and exited the compartment with Antoni and Jacek.

            All of the compartments were shut with the compartment windows covered by black drapes; however, the doors weren’t locked. Inside some of the compartments, were threatening messages written on paper and a signature as well as a symbol of a dragon in the shape of an “S” at the end. For example, one message said:


            “Looking for everyone else? They’re already gone! You should have probably figured that out by now. If you don’t survive, which I guarantee you won’t, we will come back to explosion site and  harvest your organs. If you do, tell the police that we will attack, we will take them, their wives, and children. No one will come back.

          Best Wishes,

          High Boss Dr. D.S. and Jiling Miyu


For the pretty ladies left in the train, I already am thinking of all the things I could do to you. *Wink*  (Jiling Miyu’s personal message)


            Because of the black drapes covering the cmpartment windows, the three of them had to look through every compartment to find the hidden hostages. Doing such a task in this manner was tiresome and time-consuming. What was strange as that before the train was hijacked, there weren’t any drapes and only some of the doors were open. Seconds became minutes and minutes turned to a quarter of an hour through all this frenzy of opening doors and quick-scanning. Hope was draining out and anxiety was increasing through the frustration of failing progress.

            “This is hopeless!” cried out Antoni.

            “Antek,” said Cecylja “It may look hopeless but we haven’t failed yet. The good Lord is with us, He will get us out of this dangerous situation. We will find everyone and escape the terrible death that has been planned for us. Hopefuly, God will rescue Brunon, Lilka and the others who have been kidnapped. We can all survive. Just have a little faith.”

            “She’s right,” agreed Jacek “We can escape this.”

            “All right,” said Antoni as he took a deep breath.

            “Cecylja, Antoni,” asked Jacek with wide eyes and a desperate face. “were Brunon and Lilka really taken away?”

            “I’m afraid so,” answered Cecylja.

            “They were,” affirmed Antoni “I saw it with my own eyes.”

            Jacek stood there paralyzed with an unchanging face. He did not say anything at all. After half a minute, he still stood there but he buried his face in his hands, taking a deep breath.

            “Hey,” said Cecylja gently as she put his hand on his shoulder “We will escape, once we do, we’ll get to the police and they’ll find Brunon and Lilka. We have to pray everyday for those captives in order for our prayers to be answered but God will listen. We’ve got to have a little faith. Doesn’t it say in the Scriptures ‘The Lord answered ‘Even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree ‘May you be uprooted and thrown into the sea’ and it would obey you’[i]? Does it not also say ‘Keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door shall be opened[ii]’? We can get out of this death trap and the police shall save the hostages.”

            Jacek took a deep breath and exhaled. He did not smile but he had a visible trace of faith in his face.

            “Let’s pray”

            They all gathered together and silently prayed quick prayers. Because Jacek and his family were Protestant and Cecylja and  her family were Roman  Catholics, they prayed differently. Jacek prayed only to God and Jesus while Cecylja and Antoni prayed to God, Jesus, Virgin Mary and their guardian angels. After they did this, they got up mastered their confidence and continued searching.

            They combed  through the train as quickly as they could but they also scanned the compartments carefully as to not overlook the obvious. One, two, four, five, eight compartments were raided yet they still could not see where their felow hostages could be. Half of the train has been investigated but there were still a lot more compartments to look for. Suddenly, Antoni stopped on his feet and did not move. He closed the compartment door and ran back to the previous train car. Jacek and Cecylja seeing this, ran after Antoni.

            “Antek,” asked Cecylja  in between breaths “where are you going?”

            “Wait,” Antoni answered.

            “Antek, where are we – “ asked an interrupted Jacek.

            “Just trust me” he replied.

            Then it came to Cecylja, Antoni wasn’t going back to the compartments that they had already raided. There could be other places that the hostages were in. He was on to something.

            “You think they could be in the restroom?” she asked.

            “We’ll see” Antoni replied.

            As they passed the opened, raided compartments, they went to the end of the train car and saw a door that had a red slit in the door. The restroom was vacant. Cecylja wasn’t so sure whether that was true or not but now was a good time to find out. The trio bolted to the door. As they rammed through the door, they all feel on top of each other and splayed like forgotten  ragdolls. As the door slammed into the wall, it made a dent and hit Cecylja’s head  hard. It hurt very much but she knew that it would eventually go away.

            The room was very dark except for the partial light from the hallway that flooded the room.  As the trio grunted and pushed each other off of their dog pile, Jacek got up and groped his hands on the wall for a light switch; there wasn’t one so he took out his smartphone from his pocket and  turned  it on, its light illuminating the rest of the room.


            “Oh my gosh!”


            Jacek dropped his phone and it fell on the ground with a THUD! The light from the phone still brightened the room but from a different angle. As Jacek scrambled for his phone, he picked it up and shone it at what spooked them. The trio saw that there were three individuals staring back at them, copying their movements. Their window was cracked and smeared with a streak of dry, brown blood.

            “It’s only a mirror,” sighed Cecylja with relief.

             “I wonder who got hurt here?” asked Antoni.

            “I hope no one smashed Filipina here,” hoped Jacek “I don’t care about the other hostages but if this was Filipina…”

            The three of them shuddered at the thought of any harm being done to their cousin.  They shook off the thought and continued looking around the room. The rest room was small but it was bigger than a walk-in closet. There were streams of toilet paper littered around the toilet; a roll of dampened toilet paper, with its tail, was trailing the floor; and running water was overflowing the sink like a fountain. The shadows were rotating as Jacek moved around with his smartphone light. The gurgling of running water rang throughout the room. The odor of dung hung in the air like a repelling parody of an air freshener.

            They inspected every inch and corner of the restroom, including the vent that was above the ceiling but they could not find anyone. They were just about to leave the room and give up until Antoni checked behind the door that the three of them barged through. He called Jacek and Cecylja over and  pointed  at what he found. There was a sitting figure concealed in a white tarp but it did not move. Jacek grabbed the tarp and pulled it off the figure – it was an unconscious Filipina tied up in blue nylon rope. Antoni leaned to her and slapped her cheek hard.

            “Filipina, wake up!” he commanded.

            The young lady’s eyes fluttered open. She lifted her head up and stared at the three of them. As Jacek leaned down and severed the ropes with his pocket knife, he explained everything that was going on. After all the rope had been cut, she slowly stood up and stretched out her joints.

            “I feel so sore,” she complained “I feel like I haven’t moved in a century.”

            “Come on,” said Cecylja  “We have to go find everyone else”

            “Nah,” disagreed Jacek “Let’s just get out of here. We don’t even know those people, it’s just going to waste out time for whatever death is coming for us.”

            “Jacek,” reproved Filipina “We don’t know them but if you were one of them, would you want them to save you? ”

            “Filipina, it’s every man for himself – “

            “Then why did you save us when you could have escaped by yourself?”

            “Because I know you guys and , ok fine, it’s every family for itself,”

            “I know we are running out of time, but we can still find them, we can’t just leave them behind like this.Besides, we haven’t even found Lilka and Brunon  yet!”

            “They’ve been taken  away”

             There was a silence in the room. Filipina’s face grew into shock, her eyes bulged and her face fell. The three of them stared at her with a mixture of sympathy and empathy.

            “They have?”

            “Yeah…I know how you feel.”

            After another long pause, they quarreled again. The atmosphere became tense with the stress of the countdown of time and the fight for morality. The sound of running water and the maldorous scentfrom the toilet only made this battle more frustrating.

            “All right,” meddled Antoni “Let’s split up. Me and Jacek will find a way out while Cecylja and Filipina will look for the other hostages. Jacek will give Filipina the pocket knife and she will cut the ropes and free them.”

            “Well…” argued Filipina “We can’t just split up, what if we lose you guys just like I lost…”

            At that moment, she couldn’t speak anymore. Tears ran down her face like two rivers; her face went from a normal beige to a dark pink. Sobs escaped her lips and were muffled by her hands covering her face. Cecylja embraced her and continously ran her hand down her cousin’s upper back. Jacek patted her shoulder reminding her that he understood her pain. Cecylja couldn’t understand what it was like to lose a sibling but she felt pity and sympathy for her cousins. Cecylja’s heart still cracked because it was her younger cousins that she lost. She might never see them again. Even Antoni looked miserable, Brunon was one of his best friends, even though he was his cousin.

            “We’re not splitting up,” announced Jacek “Filipina is right. We are all going to get out of here together. We’ll call the police, we’ll get Lilka and Brunon back…and the others who have been taken away will be freed.”

            Cecylja released Filipina from her conforting embrace and gave her one last pat on the shoulder. They all took a deep breath and exhaled. They all exited the bathroom. not bothering to close the door and went on the hunt for the other hostages.


            It didn’t take long for the four of themto find the young man, the woman in the hijab, and the little boy. The woman and the boy were also tied up in the other compartments but they were freed by the four of them. The young man was found sitting in one of the compartments, unfortunately, there was a knife lodged in his chest. There was dried blood on his white shirt, the stain ran all the way down his waist. His eyes were open and there was a look of terror on his face. He didn’t look lik he was decomposing, his skin was cold but not very cold. There was no pulse or heartbeat. He could have been killed not too long ago. Cecylja laid the dead man flat down on his back on the leather seat; she folded his hands as if in prayer; and she shut his eyelids with two of her fingers. Then she tore off one of the black drapes from the compartments and covered the dead body with it. She kneeled down on the carpet and mumbled a quick prayer in Polish.

“Wieczny odpoczynek racz im dać, Pani

a światłość wiekuista niechaj im świeći.

Niech odpocywają w pokoju.


               After Cecylja did this, she got up and left the compartment with everyone and moved on. Now that all the hostages had been found, they had to find a way out. Cecylja looked outside the window and saw that they were no longer in the wilderness. The sky was the color of cadet blue but no sign of dawn was visible. There were many different buildings everywhere but there were no skyscrapers in sight. Shops, parks, and trees were everywhere. How long had the hostages been traveling on this train? Before the train got hijacked, they were only there for a short while but the hijacking lasted possibly an hour. Cecylja didn’t keep track of the time.

            “How are we going to escape?” asked Cecylja “Do any of you have a plan?”

            “Well, obviously, we can’t just jump out,” replied Jacek “The train is going too fast; if we just jump now, we might hit something hard and break our bones. We have to slow down the train first.”

            “So, we’re going to the front where the pilot operates right?” asked Cecylja.

            “Oh no, Cecylja,” responded Filipina sarcastically “One of us is going to climb out of the train, go on the railroad tracks and stop the train with our bare hands just like Superman would.”

            If this wasn’t such a serious moment, Cecylja would have laughed at her cousin’s sarcasm.

            Unexpectantly, the woman in the hijab rammed into Filipina and knocked her to the ground. Five feet away from Filipina’s head was a blade with a silver handle quivering and protruding from the green carpet. The six of them all turned their heads to the source of the blade – it was one of the terrorists! One (or probably more) of them  had  been  left behind on the train; they knew it was a terrorist because he was the same hispanic terrorist that had been with the other four terrorists. He had tan skin, combed back black hair with some grey strands, a short nose and dark eyes. He was wearing a train station staff uniform and had a handful of silver-handled blades in his hand. He was standing in front of the door that led to the pilot’s room.

            “You thought that my boss was not going to leave somebody to make sure no one would destroy the bomb?” taunted the man with a hispanic accent.

            “There’s a bomb?!” yelped the shocked little boy.

            “I will do anything to make sure you all die in the explosion that will come…” the man added “EVEN IF I SHOULD DIE FOR IT!!!”

            At that moment, the blade flew, aiming for Jacek’s neck but it missed by a couple inches. All the hostages dispersed and fled like birds from the hispanic man . As Jacek ran, he quickly picked up the protruding blade from  the floor and dashed into a random compartment. He quickly shut the doors; he would have attacked but he didn’t have time to think!

            Come on! Jacek thought to himself Think! Think! THINK! What do I do? There is a man running around with blades and a bomb that is going to go off any minute. Can’t believe this guy is willing to die for protecting this bomb. But why? I just have to quickly take out this guy and disable the bomb.

            Jacek quickly hid the blade in his front pocket and stood up from  the leather seat. He saw a small space next to the door. It was big enough for him to hide in. Suddenly, the doors burst open and the hispanic man barged in with his blades in his hands. It was too late for Jacek to hide anywhere, this man was already three feet away from  him. The hispanic man threw a flying blade that aimed for Jacek’s neck but Jacek ducked. The blade landed on the window, cracking it but not shattering it; it was sticking halfway out of the window until it slid onto the table with a clatter. Jacek, who was on the floor, twisted his leg to kick his adversary who jumped, causing Jacek to miss. The hispanic was going to stomp his foot on Jacek’s belly but Jacek kicked it out of the way causing the man to fall on top of him. Jacek rolled both of them over and sat on the man’s belly; he rained down punches on the man’s face without stopping. Then, the hispanic flipped them both over backwards, making Jacek slam into the wall behind him.

            Jacek felt pain implode on his back and coughs spewing out of his mouth; despit this, he got up as quickly as his body let him. The hispanic and Jacek were both two feet away from each other and staring furiously at each other. The man took out his blades again and was about to throw one until Jacek swiftly dashed into him and gave him a huge hit to the chest. The guy fell backwards into a wall but surprisingly, he quickly shook the shock off. Jacek threw punches at the hispanic but at every punch, the man blocked them with his arms. The hispanic then launhced himslef at Jacek and punched  him in the chest. Jacek stumbled back but then he kicked his opponent in the stomach. He threw a punch at the hispanic but the hispanic caught his opponent’s arm, spinned and slammed Jacek against the compartment doors.

            Jacek fell through the doors into the hallway and into the doors opposite the compartment he fell from. He sat on the compartment with his back aching and he letting out a huge cough. The hispanic came out of the compartments nonchalantly while waving his hand full of silver blades like one big fan. Jacek quickly got up, spinned, and threw his punch at his adversary; but the adversary dodged it, causing to fall into the compartment he fell from and  land halfway on the table. Jacek quickly turned around, slowly walked out of the compartment and put his fists up. The enemy threw a kick at Jacek but Jacek quickly grabbed the leg and pushed it up, the man fell backwards onto the floor. He then quickly rolled to his right and got up in a crouching position.

            Both of them were in the hallway now, ten feet away from each other. Sweat dripped from their eyebrows and strength dripped from their bodies. Jacek took out the blade from his pocket and threw it at the hispanic but the hispanic punched it away. The hispanic conjured a sinister smile and pulled out one of his blades from his hand as if pulling out a card in a poker game. He threw the blade at a low angle and with a whoosh, it cut through the air like lightning. The blade flew in the air, through the gap of Jacek’s shins and slid on the floor without a single drop of blood. 

            “I was so close,” the assassin muttered “I almost pinned you down from your feet.”

            The hispanic stood up and took out another knife; Jacek backed away slowly as his opponent came closer to him. The man slashed and whooshed his blade through the air diagonally but Jacek quickly backed away. The blade sliced the air two more times, failing to cut Jacek, until Jacek kicked his adversary in the stomach. He then caught his opponent’s arm, pulled it towards him and hit the hispanic in the nose. All the blades fell from the terrorist’s hand, clattered onto the carpet and scattered. Blood streamed out of his nostrils, to his lips and the bottom of  his chin; he shielded his face with his hands and closed his eyes. He was stunned. Jacek quickly kicked him in the belly which caused the man to fall flat on his back.

            Jacek’s strength and stamina were draining; he was panting and sweat was dripping from his armpits. His vision was blurring and he kneeled down on the floor/ He took a deep breath and rubbed his face from exhaustion. The terrorist wiped his blood-stained face, slowly picked up all his blades, and held them  like a fan. He swiftly rammed into his young opponent and sat on top of his stomach. He gave a huge clout to Jacek’s face, took his arms and pinned them down with one hand. He hovered his fan of blades dangerously close to the large vein near Jacek’s Adam’s Apple.

            “I am finished…playing with you,” uttered the hispanic without an expression “I will…finish you quickly… I promise. Tú está un travieso niño[iv]. Do you have one more goodbye before I cut your slash your throat with these blades…mi niño[v]?”

            Before Jacek could say anything, Antoni, out of nowhere, ran towards them. The hispanic cocked his head behind him and before he had any  time to react, Antoni swung up the man’s groin. As he let out a ear-piercing scream, Antoni then swung his fist up the man’s chin, knocking the wind out of him. The hispanic fell onto Jacek like a lifeless mannequin. As Jacek pushed him off, he saw that the hispanic had  his eyes closed and did not move. Jacek looked at his cousin in disbelief and surprise. Antoni was also shocked but not disturbed.

            “You kicked him hard!” remarked Jacek.

            “Yeah I did.” agreed Antoni.

            “Quick!” exclaimed Jacek “Let’s tie him up before he wakes up again! Pin him down and I will tie him up. I will go the restroom to get some of the ropes that I cut up.”

            So Antoni obeyed Jacek while Jacek quickly ran to the restroom and gathered the severed ropes.  When he returned, Antoni was holding a hankerchief over the man’s nose and  mouth.

            “What are you doing?” questioned Jacek.

            “I was looking through his pockets while you were gone,” explained Antoni “when I found this hanky, this guy was waking up. I panicked so I thrust it on his nose and mouth and now, he is unconscious again.”

            “Well, you can take that off now, I don’t think he will be waking up for a while. Also, thank you for saving my life. ”

            Antoni smiled and mutterd a “you’re welcome”. He took the handkerchief off the man’s face and threw it aside. Jacek cautiously leaned over the man as if he would wake up and surprise attack him. He gently put two fingers on the man’s wrist and neck; there were beating pulses. This meant that the man was still alive but he was unconscious. Then, using the ropes, both Jacek and Antoni tied the man up, just in case he would wake up again. After that, they checked his pockets and discarded blades, chemicals and  more handkerchieves.   Jacek picked up one of the bottles and saw that it was slightly open and it was leaking. He then picked up the handkerchief and  took a whiff, his vision was blurring and his head was swimming. He got down on his knees to the groud and tried to shake off the nausea.

            “What’s happening to you?” asked a concerned Antoni.

            “Don’t… smell it,” warned Jacek as he regained mental control “It’s probably chlorofoam.”

            His cousin however didn’t listen and took a whiff of it; he also felt the same experience as his cousin and shook it off. Both of them pushed all the man’s junk aside and left it alone. They didn’t want to take risks with such dangerous stuff.

            “What are we going to do with him?” asked Antoni.

            “Well, we can’t kill him because that would be morally wrong,” answered Jacek “ just because he tried to kill us that doesn’t mean that we can murder him. We’ll just keep him tied up and hand him over to the police; we will explain to them what happened and they will deal with this guy…and… hopefully… find Brunon. Wait, where is everyone else?”

               “They went into the pilot’s room; I saw you fighting that guy. I went to find everyone else and once I found them, I told them that while they figure out a way to stop the train, I will go help you fight this guy. Filipina wanted to jump in and help you but I told her that I could handle it. I will be honest, I saw you fighting that guy but I didn’t step in because…I…was afraid. I know I know, I came in the last minute but if it weren’t for me, you would have been dead.”

            Suddenly, the door from the pilot’s room opened and the young tan-skineed boy looked out. He hesitated at first but then he came out of the room and  ran down to the two cousins. He looked at the knocked-out man with a face full of question. Then he looked up at Jacek.

            “Is he dead?” he asked.

            “No,” answered Antoni “but I knocked him out.”

            “Can both of you come with me?” he asked “We need some help.”

            So the three of them ran and barged into the pilot’s room. Filipina was sitting on the floor with an open briefcase that had  many tiny screens attached to it; colorful wires surrounding an alarm clock that as counting down from twelve minutes and thirty nine seconds; and a red number pad and many lights were stuck near the tiny screens. The woman in the hijab was looking around the room for something that she couldn’t find. Cecylja was looking at the controls trying to figure out how to stop the train and trying to free the pilot that was tied to his chair and gagged. Jacek took out his pocket knife, went to the man, snipped him free and removed the gag from his mouth.

            “Oh thank God!” exclaimed the pilot “Thank you, young man! Listen, there is a bomb – “

            “I know, I know,” interrupted Jacek “The terrorist already told us about it. Hold on a minute…I thought they killed you!”

            “Oh they killed the pilot,” answered the man ‘but then they pulled me out from the crowd because I am an ex-pilot from another train service. I don’t know how they knew that but I think it’s because they overheard me in a conversation with someone before the train was hijacked.”

            Jacek nodded. The pilot stood up, pushed buttons on the controls, and pulled the brake. All of a sudden, the train jolted and everyone stumbled. There was the deafening sound of screeching metal that eventually stopped. The train was slowing down.

            “Jacek, I can’t figure out how to shut this thing down’ panicked Filipina “I don’t understand anything here. I don’t know how we’re going to shut it down.”

            “We’re not going to shut it down,” said Jacek “we’re going to jump.”

            After a pause of silence, except for the ticking of the countdown, Filipina stood up and left the bomb alone.

            “You’re right.”

            So everyone, including the pilot, left the room. They opened the train door and looked outside – the train was slowing down but it was not safe to jump. They knew they would have to do it anyway. Before they did anything, Jacek dragged the unconscious man with him. When Cecylja and Filipina asked why he was taking the guy with him, he merely responded with “proof that the train was hijacked by terrorists.”The woman in the hijab stepped on the stairsbut held on tight to the railing, when she was ready she took a great leap and jumped. Then the young boy, Filipina, the pilot, and Antoni followed. Jacek threw the man out of the door and jumped. It was Cecylja’s turn. She held on to the cold, metal railing and felt the cold breeze on her face. It was still dark outside but the sky was getting lighter. She slowly and cautiously stepped down the steps; she was afraid to jump but she knew that she had to do it. She made the sign of the cross and…jumped!


[i] Luke 17:6 New Living Translation, a bible verse from the Bible


[ii] Matthew 7:7-8 New Living Translation, a bible verse from the Bible.


Polish-English Translation of the conversation

[iii] “Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,

and let perpetual light shine unto to them.

May they rest in peace.


A Catholic Prayer for the dead.


Spanish-English Translation of Conversation

[iv] You are a naughty boy.

[v] My boy

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