The Hatchmen

Eight years has passed by since Albina Ratownik has escaped from the Underground Hospital Prison of Dr. Smok. No one knows what happened to him but Albina is sure that he is dead because she saw his death before her very eyes. She has been adopted by a doctor who is a good man and she is survived her depression and PTSD. Now Albina is a police officer who hunts criminals but one day, everything goes downhill.

Four teenagers escape a train wreck but this train wreck was suspicious and abnormal. When the train crashed, no bodies were found and the four teenagers claim that two of their siblings and the rest of the passengers have been kidnapped by terrorists. They also mention someone by the name of Dr. Smok. Is Dr. Smok really alive out there, with terrorists, trying to cause more harm to people? Or are these teenagers lying and are they part of a conspiracy?

It's up to Albina to decide.


14. Rescue

All the attackers were finally caught but there were so many of the attackers that two police vans were needed to hold them all. All were dizzy and stumbling from the leaking of the gas from the gas tanks; also, like the other attackers that were caught, they were tranquilized. However, the police realized that their job was not done yet.

                        “Have you seen Cecylja and Filipina Pajdak anywhere sir?” asked a frantic Antoni to a police officer “They were with us in the police force, have you seen them?”

                        “I did see them in the van when we were going to take down those dastards,” he explained “but other than that I haven’t seen them anywhere.”


            Then the officer left them and Officer Ratownik walked past them. Both of the cousins ran up to Officer Ratownik and pulled her to them.

            “Hey Officer Ratownik, have you seen Cecylja or Filipina anywhere?” Jacek asked.

            “Well,” she answered “There was an Asian man on the ground, who was very nicely dressed, being attacked by one of those attackers so then Cecylja ran and chased away the attacker. The Asian then said something to her but she backed away from him and seemed to accuse him of something. At that moment, one of those attackers attacked me and I had to fight for my life. When I looked at the place where they both were and they vanished.”

            “Hold on,” said Antoni “You said that there was an Asian man who was nicely dressed?”            

            “Yup,” she answered.

            “How did he look like?” he asked.

            “I am not sure because I don’t remember that much,” she answered “but I do remember he was wearing a tuxedo and a fedora – oh, and for some strange reason he had a bazooka.”

            “That guy!” exclaimed Antoni “Jacek, that’s the guy that…that…that was with the other terrorists on the night everyone was taken hostage!”

            “The guy?....Oh!” remembered Jacek “Yeah he also took two women and he was going to rape them –“

            “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” agreed Antoni.

            “Wait,” said Officer Ratownik “You’re saying that the Asian was one of those terrorists?”

            “Yeah but I can’t remember his name,” said Antoni.

            “Oh no,” said Ratownik “What if they’re dead or raped or both by now?”

            “I hope not,” said Jacek.

            “We have to go find them!” exclaimed Antoni as he ran off.

            “Hold it!” shouted Ratownik as she and Jacek ran after him “Do you even know where the building even is?”

            Antoni then skidded and stopped. His face gave an expression of shock and alarm as he put his hands on his head. He stood like that for a quarter of a minute before turning around and walking back to the officer and his cousin.

            “You’re right,” said Antoni “but where were Cecylja and that Asian guy?”

            “Lemme think,” she said as he closed her eyes and wrinkled her forehead. She bent her head and put her hand on her eyes. She paced around and around as Jacek and Antoni stared at her. This went on for a long minute before she snapped her fingers and stopped.

            “One of the buildings was a skyscraper with black tinted windows and there was also an intersection in the road. Oh wait, there was a door to that tall skyscraper that was closing but then another attacker came and I had to fight him off too. When I was fighting, I saw out of the corner of my eye that it said…Herbert Avenue – No! G…Gilbert Avenue!”

            “Then why didn’t you fight that Asian off?!” shouted Jacek.

            “I’m sorry!” apologized Officer Ratownik as she ran her fingers through her hair and looked like she was about to pull her hair out “I honestly, sincerely, disgracefully, forgot. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I got so caught up in everything else that I forgot to go after her!”

            “Let me call them to see if she will pick up,” said Antoni as he pressed the buttons to contact Cecylja. Antoni did not say anything in case the Asian would hear Cecylja and do something bad to her. Then there was a familiar voice and then a singsong Chinese accent followed.

            twentyshh gershh noo, twenty-seven Gerbert Avenue, twenty-seven Gerbert Avenue…

            …teach you a lesson Filipina Pajdak! See what your complaining has done to your cousin Cecylja?…CECYLJA! DON’T EVEN TOUCH THAT RADIO!!! I am surprised you can even still crawl…sweetheart, unless you want your cousin to be inflicted with one of my punishments, hand over that radio…”

            There was a soft voice that sounded like “okay” and background wind. Then there was the sound of shattering glass and more wind. Finally, all that was left was static.

            “Did you hear her?” asked Antoni as his heart beat faster than a hammer.

            “I think the street name was twenty-seven Gerbert Avenue.” said Jacek.

            “Yeah but he said something about being surprised that Cecyclja could still crawl,” he said with dread in his voice “he is torturing them up there! Come on, we gotta get there and save them!”

            So they all ran off as quickly as they could to twenty-seven Gerbert Street. On the way, Officer Ratownik, dialed Chief Kovalenko and informed him that Cecylja and Filipina were being held hostage and asked for reinforcements. Running through the empty streets, thoughts of worry and uncertainty filled Antoni’s head about his sister as well as his cousin.

            It’s true that Cecylja can be annoying sometimes but I don’t want her to be tortured or dead! Antoni thought to himself. I can’t think of life without her. Filipina can make fun of me sometimes (and Jacek can too) and sometimes they can take it too far but how can I live life Filipina?

            Once they finally reached the street, they dashed into through it and burst into the main room of the skyscraper. It was fancy but it was empty of any human presence. They all took out their nightsticks and walked around the room slowly. They were very cautious of anything suspicious in the building that could attack them.

            Near them was an elevator so they all slowly walked to it and held their nightsticks higher. The elevator had a metal door and a box next to it that was probably concealing elevator buttons. Officer Ratownik stepped forward to the box when suddenly she felt the floor beneath her vanish. Her heart skipped a beat and fright splashed her like cold water. She was halfway through the floor until she felt hands catching her waist. Antoni had caught her!

            She was being pulled out by Jacek and Antoni as quickly as possible and when she was finally on the surface, she sat on the floor, trying to recover from what had just happened. Jacek and his cousin had looked down to the hole and saw something surprising. Beneath the floor were men dressed in casual T-shirts, bandanas, and dirty jeans. Some men wore doo-rags while some wore caps; also, they all were equipped with weather-beaten baseball bats. The men of course were of all kinds of races and ethnicities but they looked very brutal. In the light of the room below, they were all shouting and jumping.

            Out of nowhere, other gang-like men rushed into the room and popped out from their hiding places. Again, they all had baseball bats and wore filthy clothes with some clothing accessories. They all scowled, shot dirty looks, and seemed threatening. They shouted, some murmured, and some shot curses at the three of them. They were all surrounded!

            One ridiculously tall, muscular man with a red handlebar mustache stepped forward and rubbed his hands together. His smile was composed of broken teeth, black teeth, and some silver teeth. That grotesque smile was enough give Antoni nightmares. He spat on the ground and stepped closer to the three of them. The trio stared up at him in dread.

            “Goliath[i],” Jacek softly murmured.

            Then from the gang emerged a man Jacek and Antoni recognized very well.

            “You!” shouted Antoni “What…the…(bleep) are you doing here? You’re responsible for this?!”

            It was the  man who they offended at the train station. The man who impersonated a conductor. The man who was in charge of the hijacking of the train. The man who led the kidnapping of many people including Lilka and Brunon. He was wearing the same article of clothing at the time when they first met him. It was Lil’ Wayne Hoodie.

            “Ah yes,” sneered Lil’ Wayne Hoodie with a snide smile “You’re the two dastards with the two other chicks who offended my idol and who escaped the train.”

            “What?” gasped Jacek “How the heck do you know that?”

            “Do I even need to explain?” chuckled Lil’ Wayne Hoodie “You don’t even need to know! I don’t want you pestering rats ruining any more of our plans.”

            Plans? Jacek thought to himself confused What plans?

            “Going somewhere police dogs?” the brute who Jacek identified as Goliath sneered as he pounded his fist into the palm of his hand. “You’re gonna have to pass through us if you wanna find your chicks.”

            The cobra was wrapping itself around its prey in a tighter circle and it wasn’t going to be long before it would constrict its prey and crush it.

            “Come on bring it!” bellowed Goliath as flecks of saliva splattered all over the trio’s faces.

            “Well…I…umm…” stammered Jacek “I’m actually gonna RUN!!!”

            Antoni ran though the gap of one man’s legs and sprinted while Officer Ratownik and Jacek bolted through two men, knocking them to the floor; all three of them hastily pushed the white double doors ahead of them and ran up the flights of stairs. The mob of thugs shouted and ran after the trio up the stairs with the tall, muscular man in front of them.


            “If you want to leave here alive Filipina Pajdak,” said Miyu without any type of smile this time “you will have to participate in a tiebreaker. You don’t want your dear cousin to suffer any more…punishments than she can handle would you?”

            Filipina had her head gazing down on the ground and she was on her knees. Rivers of tears flowed from her eyes.

            “N-n-no.” she responded as she shook her head.

            “Good!” he said as he clapped his hand hard on her shoulder. “You will have to solve me something. Same deal except that Cecylja will not participate this time. Understand?”

            Filipina nodded.

            “All right,” he breathed as he sat down and pulled a colorful cube out of his pocket. It was a Rubik’s cube. He handed it to Filipina and took out his phone. He slid his finger on the screen and clicked some buttons. He played country music again and scrolled for another couple seconds through his phone. “You have ten minutes.”

            Filipina gulped and agreed reluctantly. She turned the first layer of the mixed colored cube to the right.


            “No way am I fighting them!” Jacek said as he ran upstairs with Officer Ratownik and Antoni “I mean look how many of them there are! They’re like a stampede of sweaty, steroid-crazy, gorillas that got a really bad shave from the barber!”

            “Me neither! Nuh-uh!” agreed Antoni “There’s too many of them!”

            “You guys…got a plan?” asked Officer Ratownik as she huffed and puffed. “I got nothing!”

            “I thought you had a plan!” shouted Jacek “You’re the cop! I thought you were trained for this stuff – “

            “I’m sorry!” she apologized as she lagged behind them “I wish I had a plan but I can’t think of anything right now!”  

            The trio was a couple meters away from the mob yet their legs were already sore from rapidly climbing the flights of stairs. They were wheezing so much that their lungs refused to inhale any more air. Their hearts were beating so fast and so loudly that Jacek was afraid of dying of a heart attack. Panic continued to motivate them and fuel them but their bodies were running out of stamina.

            “Well,” coughed Officer Ratownik “there are…a lot of stairs up here so…if…we’re getting tired, those monkeys …should be getting tired soon too.”

            “True,” coughed back Antoni “maybe we should be getting some rest –“

            “No!” objected Jacek “We can’t; we have to outrun them. If we rest and they rest, then once they regain their energy, they will come running after us again. We gotta keep going while they’re still tired.”

            “Good…point!” panted Antoni.

            The three of them were no longer running but instead they were walking. None of them wanted to run anymore but they knew that if they rested, they would get caught soon. Their legs were slices of thin, wriggling gelatin but their minds were running marathons and their throats ached. Their breaths came out in strangled gasps as if they were resurfacing from a very long couple minutes under water.

            What are we going to do now? thought Jacek as blood pumped through his ears and the vein in his Adam’s apple pulsed.

            Ahead of them was on the way to the next turn of the flight of stairs was a fluorescent yellow bucket with a picture of a black stick figure slipping on the floor about to land on his bottom. As they walked higher up the stairs, they all saw that the bucket was full to the brim with filthy, gray water and a mop with splintered, wooden handle. As they walked passed it, Jacek kicked the bucket and it tumbled down the concrete steps conjuring enough noise to wake the dead. The murky water splattered all over the dark-colored walls, on the railing, and on the steps. DUT! DUT! DUT! The symphony of the racket continued even though it vanished from sight.

            “LOOK OUT!” screamed Officer Ratownik as she rammed into the boys with the full force of her body. They all fell over to the steps. Then a flat, black blur quickly dropped to the floor where they previously been standing. Pain shot up Jacek’s back and Antoni’s ribs. This had all happened under ten seconds.

            Jacek and Antoni grumbled in pain as they stood up and massaged their injured body parts. Officer Ratownik stood up, apologizing to the boys for hurting their bodies and walked to the mysterious item that had landed on where they previously stood. It was a giant net that had pins already secured to the ground and on the net was a jeering note that had stated “DEAD END”.

            “Booby traps,” mumbled Officer Ratownik “we should have been expecting this.”

            “What?” asked Antoni as he and Jacek walked over to the big, black net.

            “Booby traps,” repeated the police woman. “I know I hurt you but I had to, I’m sorry.”

            “At least you saved us from it.” said Antoni.

            “Hold on guys,” said Jacek “I have a good idea.”

            “What?” asked Antoni in curiousity as Jacek pulled off the pins form the ground. He lifted the net and pinned the large, metal pins to the walls and tied them to the railings. The string that was attached to the giant net was also attached to a hole in the mop; Jacek left it alone because he had nothing to cut t with. When he finished attaching the net to the way down the stairs, it looked like an enormous, black spider web.

            “The bucket, the wet steps, and this net should keep them out for a while,” commented Officer Ratownik “or even confuse them.”

            As the trio walked further up the stairs, Jacek started to doubt that his two cousins were still alive.


            “Time’s up!” announced Jiling Miyu.

            Filipina had not finished arranging all the colors of the Rubik’s cube; in fact, she did not even complete any side of the cube. The Asian extended his hand and the blond-haired young lady returned the cube back into his hands. He put the cube on the table and stood up straight.

            “You have matched me in chess but you couldn’t solve a Rubik’s cube in ten minutes…how sad.” commented Miyu sarcastically.

            Not everyone can be as smart as you, you egotistical dastard! Filipina thought crossly. She wished she could spit those words into his cheeks and penetrate his face, mind, and cold heart with them.

            Filipina and Cecylja, whose legs were broken, were both dragged to the top of the building. Cecylja groaned and hissed in pain as she felt the heavy brick-like weight in the bones of her legs being pulled along the ground; fireworks exploded on various places in her bones. She was afraid that a vein or a blood vessel in her battered legs might snap like a thin, weak thread. The top of the building was a flat area with a grey floor and there was metal bridge to another top of a building. A pink sun hung in the periwinkle sky with pink rolls of clouds above it; the cool wind blew gently upon them. The stench of burning trash hung in the air and traces of smoke rose in the sky.

             If our cousins weren’t in danger, this would be an …appropriate time to admire such a view. Cecylja thought o herself.

             Miyu dragged Filipina and Cecylja to two metal poles and took out three pairs of handcuffs from his pocket. He handcuffed both Filipina’s left hand and Cecylja’s left hand together; then he handcuffed Cecylja’s right hand to one pole of the gate and Filipina’s right hand to another pole. He squeezed the cuffs so tightly that it hurt their wrists and might leave an angry, red mark on their wrists later.

            Far away from them on the top of another building humanoid figures facing away from the two cousins and tied to two connected and wheeled metal poles were brought out in that place where the glowing sticks were. One looked to be a body of a tall male teenager and another of a shorter, female teenager; under the sunset, the cousins could both see that the male teenager had short brown hair while the female one had dirty-blonde hair. They even had the same outfits on the day they were taken away. Both of their heads were looking down on the ground.

            “LILKA! BRUNON!” Cecylja and Filipina both screamed as they struggled.  

            The teenagers said nothing; in fact, they didn’t even show a reaction. They just stood there, tied with blue rope to the two connected metal poles that looked like a clothing rack. The two best friends screamed after Lilka and Brunon again but they didn’t move. The Asian left the place for a couple minutes but then he came back with his golden bazooka and a large, tan sack.

            “Well, I wasn’t lying,” said Miyu as he stepped towards the handcuffed ladies and dragged his golden bazooka with him “you chose to play my game and now they will have to pay the consequences.”

            We never had a choice Cecylja thought furiously.

            He then opened the sack and took out a bunch of bazooka missiles. One, two, three, five, seven bazooka missiles were lying on the ground. He loaded his monstrous bazooka with one missile and hoisted it over his shoulder and aimed.

            “NOOOO!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!” screeched Filipina.          “DON’T KILL THEM!!! PLEASE!!!” shrieked Cecylja.

            Miyu ignored the two cousins as they screamed their throats out. He simply turned to them and just gave them a pearly-toothed sinister smile. His handsome face had been distorted into a face of a monster. Filipina kicked him in the back of the knees; he bended but he didn’t fall and in return, Miyu slapped Cecylja. He walked a couple feet away from both of the aggressive, thrashing, shouting girls and aimed for the two teenagers hundreds of feet away from him.

            Suddenly, three people burst into the scene. There was one albino woman with white hair, one ash blond teenager, and another young man with chocolate brown hair. They all panted as they looked around from Jiling Miyu to the two girls.

            “Guys!” yelled Cecylja and Filipina in unison as their throats cracked “Get…Miy…yu! He’s about to blow up Lilka and Brunon!”

            The trio all looked at Jiling Miyu who was aiming for the targets.

            “Noooooo!” yelled Antoni and Jacek as they ran towards the well-dressed Asian man. A fire shot out from the back of Miyu’s golden bazooka and the missile ripped through the now violet sky and blasted one of the targets. One side of the clothing rack quickly revolved to one side and both of the humanoid figures that were strapped to the clothing rack fell from the building and vanished out of sight. The entire area of the city rumbled and shook aggressively but in a minute the reverberation died.

            They were gone.

            The cousins and the police officer stared in shock at the place where the humanoid figures had disappeared. All of their mouths were gaping open.

            “How could have this happened?” questioned Filipina as a teardrop trickled down from her eye.

            Jacek ran forward and pushed Miyu out of the way. He dashed to the spot where the teenagers had been blasted off. He took a couple more steps forward before landing on his knees to the ground. 

            “BRUNOOOOON!!!!!!” he wailed loud enough for an echo to travel throughout the city. He then buried his face in his hands and bawled. All the other cousins followed and cried as well. Jiling Miyu stood there and uttered a huckle until his chuckle grew into a laugh and his laugh grew into a loud laugh of madness. Jacek abandoned the spot and raced toward the insane Asian and attempted to punch him; however Miyu ducked, roundhoused kicked Jacek, and stepped on his back.

            “Your precious Lilka Pajdak and Brunon Lew are dead! Dead by my hands! Hahahaha!” he exclaimed happily as he pulled out a silver Colt M1911 pistol that was decorated with gold spirals from his front pants pocket. The ribbon on the palm of his hand was wrapped around his hand five times until only a couple hours ago, he unwrapped the first tie from his hand. The ribbon was wrapped four times around his hand but at that moment he unwrapped the second tie from his hand. Now he only had three ties around his hand.

“Roses are red,

My ribbon is red,

wrap it around my hand five times,

then unwrap it five times,

first for the lustful flirting and luring,

second for the emotional damage

third for the love-making,

fourth for the kill,

fifth and final time for the blood.

Scarlet, crimson, ruby, maroon

They’re all my favorite colors.

I love red.”

                        “What is that supposed to mean?” asked Antoni annoyed.

            “It means that I have lured and flirted with both Filipina and Cecylja even though they had rejected the flirting,” he explained as he moved his pistol from Antoni to Jacek “I tricked them both to follow me: I told Cecylja that Filipina was in danger and Filipina that Cecylja was in danger. The ribbon on my hand is wrapped five times. I have lured and flirted with them so that is the first step and the first tie that I have to untie. I have emotionally damaged them by injuring Cecylja as punishment for Filipina complaining to me and I have killed Lilka and Brunon in front of all of you. That is the second tie that I have to untie.

            “Now because I apply these steps to ladies only, I will have to execute you filthy, ugly gentlemen with my baby here. After that I will rape them both and untie my third tie; then, I will kill them and untie my fourth tie; and finally…I will take their blood and untie my fifth tie! Sounds fun doesn’t it? It arouses me!”

            “You’re mentally ill!” spat Antoni “You should be put in an asylum!”

            “Oh maybe I am crazy but that’s why the highest boss Dr. Smok favors me!” responded Jiling Miyu as his Chinese accent deepened “Even though he doesn’t trust me and he doesn’t trust anyone, I am one of his favorites! Being a psycho does have its perks! Now stand to the wall so I can execute you.”

            Out of the blue, police officers burst into the scene. A Hindu officer which Cecylja recognized as Officer Singh led the group of police officers.

            “He’s right there!” he shouted in a Hindi accent “Arrest him!”

            Miyu dropped his missile as well as lofty demeanor and tried to run from them all. All the officers including Officer Singh all bolted and jumped on him into a dog pile. Miyu tried to struggle but he couldn’t because the weight of those police officers was so heavy that it would crush him. Once he stopped wriggling, the officers got off of him and tightly handcuffed him. Two other police officers went to the weeping Cecylja and Filipina and released them from their handcuffs.

            As the devastated cousins were all escorted down the stairs and out of the building, the officers attempted to calm them down but in vain. They spoke soothing words and patted their backs but they didn’t stop crying. Officer Ratownik had a face full of shock and depression. Chief Kovalenko ran up to her and embraced her; he was relieved that his beloved officer came back all in one piece. When he let go she closed her eyes and put both of her fingers in her temples, tears also streamed down from her eyes.

            She remembered that she ran into the metal bridge. The doctor was there too; he was dragging her fellow prisoner and friend, Thomas by the collar of his neck. He was battered and bruised like a spoiled fruit. Then from behind the Doctor came a blond man, the sketchy one, the perjurer – Oskar. He had betrayed Albina, Thomas, and the fellow prisoners who were giving their all to help the rest of the captives escape. He helped Dr. Smok in return of a deal but the Doctor betrayed him by shooting him and throwing him off the metal catwalk. All the lights inside the giant underground hospital flickered at his death. Then the Doctor took out his fake yet abnormally large fang out of his mouth and executed Thomas. To this day, Officer Albina Ratownik still had nightmares from that scene and whenever she thought of Thomas, she remembered that scene.

            “What’s wrong?” asked the chief.

            “I feel pity…for those cousins because their loved ones …died a horrible death” she explained in a trembling voice “but also…the way…those two teenagers died…reminds me of that time when I was a prisoner in Dr. Smok’s underground hospital a couple years ago….my friend was killed by Dr. Smok in front of me.”

            Officer Ratownik took off her police cap and softly cried onto the chief’s shoulder while the chief embraced her and patted her back gently.

            The sun had finally set and the sky was now cadet blue. The moon had appeared that night and the stars twinkled in their constellations. The wailing of sirens and the bathing of red and blue filled the atmosphere of the night. Miyu, the gangs that previously chased Jacek, Ratownik, and Antoni were arrested, however Lil’ Wayne Hoodie was nowhere to be found. The ambulance came and the paramedics carried Cecylja and the surviving citizens of the city away into the ambulance on a stretcher. The remaining smoke had died down and was carried away into the wind.

            “Hey! Hey!” called out a black-haired police officer as he ran toward Filipina, Antoni, and Jacek “”Officer Filipina Pajdak and Officer Jacek Lew right?”

            Both of the youth nodded their heads without uttering a word or looking up.

             “The two teenagers that were blasted off the building are not Lilka Pajdak or Brunon Lew.” he announced.

            Both of them finally looked up and stared at the police officer in disbelief. Antoni was surprised as well. The police officer beckoned for two other police officers who were carrying the lifeless corpses to come forward. When they came they dropped the corpses to the ground. They all gasped and gazed at the bodies in disbelief. The officer was not lying, the bodies were not Lilka or Brunon at all; in fact, they were not even actual human bodies.

            “They’re test dummies!” exclaimed Jacek.

            “That’s right!” affirmed the police officer.

            “We’ve been tricked, but why?” wondered Filipina.

            “I think Miyu and the guy in the Lil’ Wayne Hoodie either just wanted revenge, wanted to use you, you, and me, or they wanted to do both!” inferred Jacek.

            “True, true” agreed Antoni “but why did he and all these attackers wanted to attack this city?”

            Jacek looked as all the gangsters, including Jiling Miyu were shoved into the police vans and the doors shut. The Van drove away as its sirens wailed and its lights flashed in the twilight. It had been a day spent with so many crazy people; his mind and body were tired from all the chaos of the day. Cecylja had her legs fractured by Jiling Miyu and Filipina still felt tight handcuffs embracing her wrists even though they were now gone. They all were tired and trying to recover from their near-death experiences and emotional damage. This day had been a long day.

            “I don’t know” sighed Jacek as he took off his police cap.


[i] Goliath – in the Bible (Old Testament), Goliath was an extremely tall, muscular Philistine warrior , who challenged the Israelites to fight him. He promised that if an Israelite man killed him, the Philistines could lose the war and the Israelites could make slaves out of the Philistines and if he killed the Israelite man, the Israelites would be slaves. No man wanted to fight Goliath because they were afraid but then a young shepherd boy named David challenged Goliath. He had faith in God that he would slay Goliath, so he prayed to God, slung a small rock at Goliath’s head, and defeated him.  

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