One Night

One Night only or will it only be one night?


1. One Night

They say the house is dangerous...

"don't go in there"

"you won't come out"

"people die in there" 

"Crystal don't go in that house" 

The words I hear about the house in the woods of course I have never been in there but it seems so interesting everyday something is interesting. Either when I am walking home from school I look in there and see the house and a shadow but it is a different one every day. Well four shadows but all are different like most of the time I see a guy. His shadow has a quiff and muscular. The other is muscular and a small quiff. Another is one with hair going down and muscular. The last is crazy hair and muscular.


The same four all of the time just different days! All I wonder about is who are they? Are they lonely? Are they hot? Are they all guys? Well of course! But why are people so scared? Is what I wonder the most? 


While I was walking past the woods i looked over seeing the shadow but it wasn't in the house it was walking right next to me in the woods. But I couldn't see whoever it was it was the one with the quiff. He looked over he is so beautiful gorgeous blue eyes and piercings and tattoos. I blushed and looked away seeing the boys who try to get onto me all of the time coming my way. 


Go in there so they don't try nothing! The inner voice said into my head as I turned and went into the woods. This place was dark and creepy as  turned around to leave because this place gave me the creeps. But it looked like I couldn't leave like the woods just never ended where I was. But I just took a step in and this happened. "What the hell" I mumbled under my breath seeing that I couldn't leave as I walked the way to get out but I couldn't.


As i kept on walking the way being curious then I moved some bushes seeing a train track and the other part of woods on the other side. I should go onto the rain tracks and see if there is a way out like a trail! the voice said into my head again. So I walked up to the train tracks seeing birds fly around. Stepping on the metal and sticks as I kept on walking looking down. This place is dark like the colors are black or white or gray things around. 


While I kept on walking I met up to a dark and scary looking house. And boy was it cold out here. It was the house I always see. Something jut took control of me and made me curious and walk over to the house. As I took a step in I seen that everything was dusty and tore up. The door slammed shut making me jump and run out to leave the house but the door wouldn't even budge leaving me into the creepy house. The windows were barred up too. Am I going to survive?

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