In The Name Of Love.

He told me it was going to hurt.
He told me we were going to regret it.
At the time, I didn't regret it,
But now- I do.

I was a mosaic used to being shattered
Putting myself back together
But I didn't think he would destroy me.


1. Heartbreak.

Take shelter from the shrapnel of my broken heart.

That was caused by a bad habit.

Knowing I did the best I could, and still

I end up broken

In pieces.

Yet again.

But this time, it was different.

It felt like forever.

I could have kissed her all day,

Swept the loose hair back from her eyes.

She kissed me, 

Like I was her heroine, and she needed me.

She told me that it would've been a mistake

And Maybe I should've listened.

But she was worth all the broken hearts in the world. 

"You will search for me in another person, and find someone better." She said.

I won't. She lied.

She told me she cared about me.

She lied.

I told her I liked her

And she told me not to be so stupid.

She told the truth.

Like the taste of metal in my mouth

She lingers

Like memories

She stays

Like a hurricane

She destroyed me.

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