The Fallen

The Lawliet's, were well known, for being a family of high intelligence. But in another world, they were known as angels. Mischa and Robert, are the only children, the Lawliet's had. But what if, one of them fell, and their wings went pitch black? And one of them, joined the wrong side, of the war? what would happen then?


3. The Package

George was fetting fixed up in another room. The doctors were very surprised, that he was so badly hurt, and i didn't even have a scratch.

I was hiding the package under my jacket, i would open it late tonight, when everyone would be sleeping.

"Hey, you alright?".

George was lying in his bed, he smiled a warm smile at me.

"Yeah i'm fine, what about you?".

"You shouldn't be worrying about me right now". I whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

"I am allowed to worry about you whenever I want".

Always so stubborn, but kind.


I sad down on a chair next to the bed.

Then I noticed that he was searching my face, he knew that I was hiding something.

"Something you want to tell me?".

As always, he see's right through me.

"No I...".

"Just tell me what it is".

I knew he was just trying to help.

"Fine". I stod up to clise the door, he looked at me suspiciously.

"A big secret?".

I laughed.

Okay, don't tell anyone. Swear it!".

"I won't, I won't".

I breathed heavily, i knew i could trust George, but with something this huge.

"You remember that i told you about my older brother?".

"Yes, of course".

I stopped for a minute, there was no turning back.

"He killed our parents... And he died 3 years ago, he... Killed himself".

He looked frightened.

"Yeah, i remember the demons saying something like that... Look, you don't have to tell me..".

"He's not dead!". I yelled without knowing. I looked surprise around the room, if someone heard me.

"What?". He was shocked.

"He was out there... He, he, he's fallen.. He's wearing the pentagram, he's absolutely insane".

George grabbed my shoulder. I looked pathetic, tears and snot was all over my face.

"Hey... I shouldn't have made you tell me... And there's a chance that it wasn't him, it was probably an imposter".

He smiled, but i could see right through it, he was scared.

*knock knock*

"You kids should go to sleep. You need plenty of sleep, especially after a day like this one". Old man Jack was standing outside the door.

"Yeah, were going to bed right away".

He nodded. "Were going to put you kids in teams tomorrow".

I ha dreaded the idea of getting put in teams, there was a possibility that I and George wouldn't be together.

"Mischa, please don't worry too much tonight".

I nodded a a reply, then I laid down in my bed.

George an I had shared rooms since I got here.


I laid awake for hours, to make sure everyone was sleeping.

Then i took out the package.

It was covered in old paper, some of it was burned.

I opened it, a smell of blood surprised me as I finished opening it.

It was a dark green notebook. It looked very old, but the quality of the book made it seem kinda new.

I opened the book, and i could feel the fear dripping down my back.

"Robert's Journal"

I was starting to wonder, if i should carry on, or throw it away. 

But, i had to know what had happened to my brother, after that night. 


Day 1

I don't remember anything. 

The doctor's told me that I've been sleeping for 6 days.

And now i'm in some sort of hospital,

and they told me to write a journal,

but still, they haven't told me why. 


Day 2

I'm going to visit my sister tomorrow!

Hip Hip Hurray!

Nothing happened to her,

so she's staying at our aunt's house.

I'll be getting out of here in a week,

i'm so happy!

The still haven't explained to me, 

why my hands are completely black, 

i'll ask them again tomorrow. 


I'd only read a little bit. But a tear was already running down my cheek.

He never visited me. 


Day 4

I didn't write yesterday.

They were running some tests on me,

apparently i burned my hands, 

but they don't hurt much though.

And the visit to sis was moved...

Because of more testing, 

but i'm going to see her next week! 


Day 5

Now i'm taking medication, 

so i'll get my memories back faster. 

The doctor's told me, 

that there are some months,

missing from my memory. 

It scares me alot...

But i remember being sad, 

but i don't remember why.

I'll ask the doctors where mother

and father are tomorrow. 


Day 8

I forgot to write,

or, i didn't want to

I've only written in here 4 times,

but i can't see a point in it anymore.

I'll visit sis on Friday, today is Monday. 

Mother and father are on a business trip,

makes a lot of sense. 

And my memories are coming back!

I remember that i wasn't myself

the last few days, before i ended up here.


I was in shock, the doctors lied to him? 

I froze, i didn't want to read anymore.

But i had to know, and there is no turning back now.


Day 10

I'm tired all the time,

and i can't sleep.

Not at night, or day!

It's a side effect from the medication,

but i still don't understand anything. 

It's all bugging me a lot. 


Day 12 

I'm going to visit my sister!

yes! finally, I've missed her so much,

i'll write a little bit more when i get back!


The visit was cancelled, due to more testing...

I asked them when i would see her, 

but the didn't answer me, 

just told me to not worry about it...

but guess what? i am worrying!!!


Day 17 

I remember a lot more now. 

I did something down in the study,

still no details. 

Only that mom and dad were down there.

The still haven't told me when i will visit my sister. 

"We will figure it out" 

They keep saying that phrase over, and over again...


Day 26

I remember everything now. 

What I did down in the study, 

what I did to my parents. 

I'm never getting out of here, 

never in a billion years. 


Day 29

They put me in a padded cell, 

probably where i belong...

and Mischa doesn't want to see me...


Day ???

I don't know how long I've been here

But i want to get out!

I'm losing it...

There are voices everywhere! 

They're laughing at me constantly!


I found myself crying, the doctors had lied to Robert, and to me. 

I hadn't seen him for more than a month, the time fits to when i found out he was dead. 

The few last pages were stained with blood.


I broke out

I killed one of the guards

Not on purpose though

he was just giving me food

but i snapped...

But the point is

I'm out...

I'm not going to look for Mischa

she wouldn't want to see her insane brother...

I'll find somewhere new...


I found a new place, i'm welcome here.

I found out that i was trapped there for almost 2 years!

And my sister is training to be a part of an army.. or something...

So we're enemies... 



Robert died 2 years ago, but i was born


The rest of the pages were blank. Some of the pages were stained with my tears now. 

But his tears were also on most of the pages. 

They told him, i didn't care about him. They told him that our parents were still alive. 
















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