The Fallen

The Lawliet's, were well known, for being a family of high intelligence. But in another world, they were known as angels. Mischa and Robert, are the only children, the Lawliet's had. But what if, one of them fell, and their wings went pitch black? And one of them, joined the wrong side, of the war? what would happen then?


6. The Court

I searched the drawer in the desk, i searched in my bed, and on every surface in the bedroom.

   "Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit...". I tried to be quiet but there was too much adrenaline pumping in my body.

   It was in the middle of the night, and i had been searching for the journal since my team left. George was sound asleep, he had been sleeping since he came back. 

   In the end i gave up, the journal was no where to be found. If anyone had read what was inside, i would be punished or expelled. 

   I lay down on my bed, hoping for some sleep. Sadly, all the adrenaline kept me awake through the night. 

   It was dark in the bedroom, and George was snoring. I've never had anything against George's snoring, because i slept through it, but now i was awake, i wanted to hit him in the head with a rock. 

   "God Damn it!". I yell, i pull the pillow on top of my head to block out the snoring. I needed sleep, but it was out of my reach. 


   "Good morning George". The sun was up, and George had finally awoken. He stretched his arms and scratched his back. "Wow... You look tired...". He mumbled, as he pointed at the dark circles under my eyes. I wouldn't tell him about my sleepless night, if i did, i would have to tell him about the journal. 

   "I went to asleep later than you... And i woke up a lot, you're a snorer did you know that?". I tried to hide the annoyance in my voice as much ad i could, but the sleep i needed made it harder for me than usual. 

   "Never annoyed you before". He put on a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I looked down on myself, i had been in my clothes all night. I was to tired to change into another pair. 

   "Should we get some breakfast?". He said, as he stood up. I nodded in agreement, as we walked down the hall, we bumped into Clara. 

   "Hi Mischa, how... god you look like a corpse!". She touched the skin under my eyes, i felt like hitting her, but she quickly moved way. 

   "Oh... Clara have you seen the book that was on my desk anywhere?". She shook her head. 

   "After you got pissed of, i decided to leave it alone. Why? is it missing?". She looked at me with a sad smile, but her eyes were doing nothing but mocking me. 

   "Well, it was nice running into you Clara, but I and Mischa are going to get breakfast". George softly pushed her to the side so we could walk past her. 

   "Nice friend you got there!". She yelled at us as we walked towards the dining hall. 

   "I didn't know you had any books here". George didn't look at me he just looked forward. I couldn't read his expression. I looked down. "Just a book i got recently...". My cheeks started blushing, and the kept blushing until they were tomato red. 

   "Where did you get it? I didn't know you could get any books around here anymore. We're in the middle of the battlefield". His voice was cool, emotionless. He knew i was lying, and he hates it when i lie to him. 

   "Well i found it out there, when we were in battle the last time". When i met Robert. He mumbled something too fast for me to hear it. He was getting on my nerves.

   We got a plate each, but i put my plate back right after picking it up. I wasn't hungry, i just needed some coffee. 

   "You don't want anything?". Finally George looked at me. But again, it was emotionless, he was always like this until i had to tell him the truth. "No, i'm not hungry". I hurried to sit down at one of the tables, and he followed slowly behind me.

   "How was team day?". The words jumped out of my mouth. We sat down at a table for two. 

   "It was fine, most of the people i'm with are jerks...". His voice was still emotionless. He was pissing me of. "They should work perfectly with you shouldn't they". I mumbled, i was at my boiling point. I needed sleep, and i needed it right away. 

   "What did you say?". He hadn't heard me. I was tempted to say it again, but i didn't want to make him even more distant. "Nothing...". I replied. I took a sip of the coffee, the bitterness was overwhelming. I never really liked coffee, but when i was tired I would always drink some. 

   "Mischa Lawliet?". I turned my head. A man wearing a suit was standing next to the table. 

   My heart was pumping, had they found the journal? was i going to be thrown out for keeping the information away from them?

   "Yes that's me". I gulped. He just nodded at me. "The leaders want to see you, it's urgent". I stood up to leave with him, then George stood up to. "If she's going, i'll be going with her". The man stopped for a moment. No no no, George couldn't come with me. "Fine, suit yourself". 

   Shit, George smiled at me, and i smiled at him, he was going to find out that i had lied to him. 

   As we left the dining hall, i noticed everyone there were looking at us, at if we were famous, or criminals. 

    "Do you think they found out about your brother?". George was whispering. Finally his voice wasn't emotionless, but the fear in it, didn't help either. 

   "I think they have". I whispered. I didn't only think they had, i knew they had. 

   "In here". He opened a door. The door to the court room. 

   "Because this isn't a real court session, just sit anywhere. But i would advice your friend to sit somewhere in the back. he isn't exactly allowed to be here". 

   George nodded, and sat down on the first bench we walked past. And i sat down in the front. 

   The judge, or our leader Aldrich, was sitting in the chair. 

   "Mischa Lawliet, we have been given proof for you hiding important information, about a certain, Robert Lawliet. Do you plead guilty?". 

   Being all formal didn't suit Aldrich, he sounded ridiculous. "Yes". I decided to take him serious. 

   "May i ask you, where you got your hands on the journal?". The question was in the air, George knew i had lied. I had to tell the truth. 

   "Last time i was in the battlefield... I met Robert, my brother. He wears the pentagram. He gave me the book, so i could understand what had happened". I could feel my heart beating in my neck, a horrible feeling. 

   Aldrich looked at me fascinated. "Well then...". he never got to finish his sentence, the door opened and a man ran in. It was Old Man Jack. "We're in the middle of a court case!". Aldrich sounded like a little kid who had his toys taken away from him. "There has been an attack". Jack was clearly out of breath. "On The Capital". 

   My heart stopped beating. "We need all the soldiers we can get". Aldrich looked at Jack then at me and back again. 

   "You heard him, get your weapons!". I stood up and ran towards the door, George had left. 

   I didn't know if it was because of the lie, or because of the attack. 

   "Mischa! There you are!". Clara and the others were running towards me. 

   "We have to hurry, we got your weapons". My tiredness was gone, and i ran with them. 

   "Have you guys seen my roommate anywhere?". I asked as we ran towards the trucks. "No idea where he is". Felicia replied. We got outside, there were twenty two trucks. twenty for the teams, and two for the leader's groups. 

   We found an empty truck, and sat in the back. "Am i the only one excited?". Clara broke the silence. "No, i'm to". I replied, Felicia and Will nodded. 

   To my surprise, Jonathan wasn't shaking or anything, he was the only one of us who looked completely relaxed. Then the truck started driving, driving towards the battlefield. 







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