The Fallen

The Lawliet's, were well known, for being a family of high intelligence. But in another world, they were known as angels. Mischa and Robert, are the only children, the Lawliet's had. But what if, one of them fell, and their wings went pitch black? And one of them, joined the wrong side, of the war? what would happen then?


7. the Battlefield

"Get out of the truck!". The driver yelled as we entered The Capital. We all jump out one by one. "We'll stay together no matter what!". Will shouts, we all mumble in agreement. "Except the only way of survival is splitting up". I chuckle, the tone he used made it sound like a joke, but I know he's serious about it. 

   "Those of us who survive meet back here". I then say, to stop Will from thinking he's the leader. Aldrich comes walking towards us. "Mischa, your team is going south, if you get severely injured come back here". He looks at me with worry, if Robert will try to kill me this time. He continues walking from one team to another.

   "Let's just go right away". Felicia said, she started walking south, I noticed that Will was trying to get in front, but Felicia was a very fast walker and it made him look pity full.

   As we walked deeper into The Capital, i realized that everything had changed from when i was a child. All the buildings looked the same, no little shops, only huge gray bricks. 

   "The Capital sure looks boring when all the civilians have been moved". Jonathan seemed disappointed, I stared at Jonathan in awe, I had never heard him talk without stuttering, it seemed Clara and Felicia hadn't either, shook was written all over their faces. 

  We kept walking, my feet started hurting after half an hour of walking, we still hadn't met any demons, and I didn't like it. It was silent around us, I could only hear some screams and gunfire in a far away distance.

   "To hell with this! Where the hell are the...". Clara didn't get to finish her sentence, as I was suspecting, the demons attacked. There were 15 of them at least, and all of them were carrying weapons. They trow explosives at us.

   I grab my pistol and start shooting at them, the bullets hit two of them, but they keep coming towards us. The noise is piercing through my ear drum. 

   "This way!". Will screams, he sounds to far away. I follow him into one of the old buildings, so do the others. We run up the stairs to hide, the demons shoot at the windows as the see us on the staircase. I look around, there are dead bodies laying around everywhere on the third floor, i can feel my stomach turning upside down, and i have to fight back the vomit.

   Will enters one of the rooms, we sit down on the floor. "I think i was shot". I look towards Clara, there's a hole in the shoulder of her jacket. I walk towards her to take a look. "What do you mean, with you think you got shot?". She looks at me. "There's a hole in the jacket but i can't feel anything...". I start getting worried, I'd heard about those bullets before. "Take of the jacket... take it of now!". I yell, hoping that the demons didn't hear me, Clara takes her jacket of, not understanding anything.

   "Does anyone have any water?". Nobody says anything, they all look at me as if I'm crazy. "I asked, does any...". I can't finish my sentence before Clara starts screaming. Will trows a water bottle at me, and before i know it everyone has circled around Clara.

   "What is happening?". Felicia exclaims, I open the bottle and pour the water on the bullet wound. "It's a virus bullet... Demons don't use them often. so they're quite unknown... They, they contain a virus that eats away the flesh. You have to pour water on it right away, the only mistake in these bullets". I answer her.

   "Shit". Will hisses, I can hear footsteps not far down. Clara stopped screaming after i poured the water in the wound, but for safety sake, i grab her mouth to keep her silent. 

   I could feel my heart pounding faster and faster as the footsteps closed in. "We'll search the building from the top to the bottom, you seven go back to the bottom of the stairs". I could feel relief rush through my body, the footsteps continued upwards. 

   "We shot them as soon as we are able to, got it?". Will was again playing leader, but still, I had to agree with him. We waited for a while, then we slowly started moving downwards.

   I helped Clara move around, but she didn't need much help. Nobody said a word, we were on a thin thread, hanging between life and death.

   We reached the last stairs. "Now!". Will screamed, I let go of Clara and jumped down and shot. at least three of them fell down dead, four remained. They we're all trying to hide behind every piece of furniture they could find.

   I try walking slowly towards the desk, a demon jumps out, grabs me and puts his gun to my head. "If you shoot i'll kill her!". He yells.

   Jonathan and Felicia are the first ones to notice the demon is threatening to kill me, then they all stand still. "Let go of her". To my surprise the one who yelled wasn't anyone standing in front of me, it was someone standing behind me, one of the demons. 

   I'm able to turn my head a bit, i could recognize the voice, it was Robert. "Why should i?". The demon says playfully, Robert bends his head to the right. "They told me to kill her, not you". His voice is cold, colder than the last time. 

   "You let her go right now!". Will shouts, he's pointing his gun at Robert's head. 

   "You're an idiot". Roberts voice is different from before, he pulls out his gun and fires. I close my eyes and grit my teeth, i don't want to see a person die again. I fall down, the demon on top of me. "Get up". I open my eyes, Robert hadn't shot Will, he shot the demon. 

   Will kicks the demons corpse of me and helps me up. He walks backwards, towards the door and away from Robert. 

   "Who the hell are you?". Will hisses at Robert, the pentagram is visible, so he's sure he's not one of us.

   Robert looks at him with disgust, then at me with hatred. "Get out of here". He hisses. I decide not to think twice about him this time, and try to leave through the door. 

   But before i reach the door, Jonathan shots at Robert, at least four shots were fired. But Robert had dissapeared, again. 

   "Let's just get out of here". Felicia whispers, I help Clara up, we all go outside. "We should get to the trucks, Clara needs help. And we go back out". Will says, no one says anything, we just walk back. Clara tells me to stop helping her walk, so i do.

   "Mischa, you have a lot to explain when we get back". Jonathan is walking besides me, I look back at him. 

   "Why did you give Aldrich the book?". He looks at me. "How did you know?". 

   He looks at me in shook, i chuckle. "That doesn't matter, just answer the question. He looks forward, away from me. "Because I knew who you we're since the beginning". 




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