The Fallen

The Lawliet's, were well known, for being a family of high intelligence. But in another world, they were known as angels. Mischa and Robert, are the only children, the Lawliet's had. But what if, one of them fell, and their wings went pitch black? And one of them, joined the wrong side, of the war? what would happen then?


5. Team day

Mischa! Wake up you lazy dork!".

"mmmhh... No...". I wasn't fully awake, i didn't get enough sleep. 

Robert's journal had been stuck in my head, and it was keeping me awake. 

"It's your own fault!". He yelled, as he threw one of his shoes at my head. 

"What the hell George!". I already had a headache, and the hit only made it worse. 

"You asked for it, little princess". He was teasing me now, great. 

I sat up, i slowly reached for my clothes, even slower put them on.

"It's team day, remember? We have to hurry up!". 

"But i don't want to go...". 

"Come on, maybe we'll be in the same team". He said happily. There was no chance that we would be put in the same team. The chances were very slim, 20 teams, and 5 in each. 

"Fine i'll go... but not because of your sucky pep talk". He laughed, it made me warm inside.

"We should hurry, i heard people passing by the hallway". 


As i and George reached the main hall, the leaders were having their speech. 

"Why the hell are you guys so late?". 

Alexandra came towards us. Her black hair dancing side to side. 

"Mischa slept in". I stepped on George's foot. 

"Ssshhh". We had to whisper, we weren't allowed to talk, while the leaders were having their speech. 

"...And so on. Us humans, must stand together against the demons. If we turn against each other, we will perish". 

Nobody here knew i was an angel, it would make it harder for me to stay low. 

"... As you all know, today, you talented young people, are going to be put in teams. And together, you will enter the battle field".

A few people began clapping. But slowly stopped again, the speech wasn't over. 

"Ahem! I will now be telling you who you're team members are". 

My heart was beating faster, like it was trying to win an impossible race. 

"Group 1.....".

His voice was fading, i didn't want to listen. 

Time started passing faster, until i heard my name.

"Group 15, Mischa, Jonathan, Clara, Will, and Felicia".

I was going to faint, the worst thing imaginable had happened. 

I wouldn't be with George. 

I ran away, i ran out of the hall. Before i knew it I was standing outside, in the rain.

"Mischa! Please wait!".

George had run after me, shit, i didn't want to h to see me cry again.

"Just go away...". I covered my face, buried it in my hands.

"Mischa, it's gonna be okay... We still share rooms, and it's not like we'll stop being best friends".

He hugged me, well, i would call it choking.

"To much... Hugging". He let go, and i could breath normally again.

"I've heard about most if the people in your team, and they all seem nice".

I smiled, i had heard about Felicia before, many nice things, and some bad.

"Who did you end up with..?". I wiped my tears away. 

He shook his head. "I only remember a guy called Eric...".

I laughed. We walked back to the hall.

"Are you okay?". Alexandra came towards us.

"Yeah i'm fine". She nodded at my answer.

"Your group is in the corner over there". She grabbed my shoulder and pointed at one of the corners.

Four people we're already standing there.

I began walking toward them.

"Uhm... Hi". I hadn't talked to any of them before.

"H-h-hi". One of the boys greeted me. He was not very tall, and he looked like a stick figure. His black hair was covering his eyes.

"Shouldn't we introduce ourselves?". Felicia was playig around with her red hair. She was the only one of them that i knew of.

"I'm Will, and this is Jonathan, he isn't the best at communicating, do he doesn't talk much".

The blonde haired girl giggled at Will's comment about Jonathan, i guess she was Clara.

"I'm Mischa". Felicia smiled at me.

"And i'm Clara. Now, should we leave? It's boring here, and we are allowe to leave".

Everyone mumbled in agreement.

"We can go to my room". The words flew out of me, and i regret speaking them right away.

"That's a good idea! Show the way". This time it was Will who answered.











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