The Fallen

The Lawliet's, were well known, for being a family of high intelligence. But in another world, they were known as angels. Mischa and Robert, are the only children, the Lawliet's had. But what if, one of them fell, and their wings went pitch black? And one of them, joined the wrong side, of the war? what would happen then?


2. Meeting Him Again

3 years later...


"There has been another attack. Demons have been spotted on the east side of the Capital". 

The radio hissed at me, another attack. And i was supposed to go help. 

"Oi! Mischa, hurry up!". George was taking some weapons.

"Do I have to?". He turned to face me. "Yes! of course you do, it's our duty". 

George was my best friend, and he was an amazing one to. 

"Fine, but let's not split up this time". He looked annoyed, of course he would. He loved to run his own way, but it never turned out okay. Always a huge disaster. 

"Yeah, yeah... let's go!". I jumped of the couch and we ran out of the building. 


The air was thick of the smell of burned corpses. 

"Shit, i never get used to this smell". George was covering his nose. "I know, it makes me want to puke". 

"Would you look at that, these two little rascals survived". 

Two men appeared before us. Both had a pentagram in printed on their right hand.

"One for each of us". Their voices were raspy, it shivered down my spine. 

"Mischa, pull out your weapon". George whispered to me.

I drew my blade, and i heard more voices behind me. 

"You're out numbered". The voice behind me said with a little melody. 

George and I pushed our backs against each other, there were 6 demons. 

"Shite". George looked pissed, I on the other hand, probably looked terrified. 

"Would you look at that, children's meat is my favorite". Most of them nodded in agreement. 

"You sick bastards". I hissed, all of them laughed at my little comment. 

Nothing really scared these freaks. 

"It's just how we are kiddo...". He looked at me, as i was an interesting object. 

"Hey, you are the Lawliet kid, your brother killed your parents right?". 

"How dare you...!". George pulled me back. I almost attacked the demon, without realizing it.

"I always admired your brother, the way his wings darkened... Only happened 4 times, i guess your parents were quite the abusive parents". 

I almost cried. "Shut your hole!". George yelled at them

"Mischa, run, i'll throw one of the bombs...". I could hear the fear in George's whisper. 

The bombs were only for emergencies. 

"What is it? Are you scared?". All of them chuckled, sick humor. 

"I have to tell the truth, i'm shaking all the way to the bones". 

George's answer made them laugh even more. 

"I bet you are". The Head demon came closer, until he was just a few inches away from us. 

"Run!".George yelled, and i ran. The demons didn't understand what was going on, until it was too late. 

I heard their screams, they were in agony. But, they were demons, they were trying to kill all humanity. 

Smoke was worsening my eye sight, but i could spot someone, about 3 feet away from me. 

The shape came closer, i hold tightly around my blade. 

It was 1 feet away from me now, and i could see it.

Possibly a demon, but then i saw them.

Those dark brown eyes, that i hadn't seen for 3 years. 

The person standing in front of me, was Robert.  



His eyes opened widely, like he had seen a miracle.

"Would you look at that, your little Mischa aren't you. Barely recognized you there". 

I smiled, he was here. I thought he died. 

I wanted to run towards him and hug him. But something hold me back. 

The way he talked to me, didn't sound like the Robert i remembered. 

"Why did you disappear like that? why didn't you come for me?". 

He bent his head, he looked different in some way. 

"I didn't know where you were, and you wouldn't want to see me". 

"Why wouldn't i want to see my big brother?". 

Then my thoughts came back to that night. I had tried to forget it. 

"Please don't say it". I thought, but i knew what his answer would be.

"Because, I killed out parents". 

He scratched his eyebrow, i felt my body go numb. 

There was a pentagram on his right hand. 

"You're a demon?". 

He looked at me confused. Then i realized what i was talking about. 

"No, i just... live with them, and work with them". 

"Please come back home with me Robert, please... I'll find out what to do, we can go back to being a family". 

I was fighting back the tears, but they wouldn't stay hidden for long.

He chuckled, then I noticed why he looked different. 

Insanity was written all over him. 

"Really Mischa? You think they'll forgive me? even after what I've done?". 

There was a silence between us, i wasn't able to answer, i didn't want to answer.

"You're pathetic, trying to get your brother back... after 3! God damn years! Of not giving a crap!". 

"They told me you were dead! They said you ended your life!". 

I could feel the rage boiling inside of me, as my brain felt like it was on fire. 

He laughed, the same psychotic laugh, from those long 3 years ago. 

"I guess they were right... Robert died 3 years ago! And i'm the only thing that's left of him!".

I could feel the tears coming.

My brother was standing before me, but as he stood there, it wasn't him.

"Why did this happen to you?". I whispered. 

"Mischa! Where the devil are you?!". 

George was yelling from a distance. I couldn't let Robert leave, not now. 

I was close to get him back home with me. 

"Please just come with me, i'll find help. Please tell me what happened?". 

He chuckled. 

"You're just buying time so you, and your pesky friend can take me with you...". He hissed.

But then he threw a little package at me, then he was gone. 

"I... I'm over here George!". I yelled, hoping that he would hear me. 

"God damn it... I got away with a few scratches, but i think we should get back... what's that?". 

I looked at him, he looked horrible. There was blood and bruises all over his face, and he had a limp. 

"It's nothing important... let's just go back...". 



Authors Note:

Okay... uhm...

The next chapter is going to be really short xC

Just going to let Mischa discover what's in the package, and a little more stuff... 

Praying to the Sparkling Mermaid, for more readers xD

God damn... i'n hopeless -.- 










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