The Fallen

The Lawliet's, were well known, for being a family of high intelligence. But in another world, they were known as angels. Mischa and Robert, are the only children, the Lawliet's had. But what if, one of them fell, and their wings went pitch black? And one of them, joined the wrong side, of the war? what would happen then?


8. Aftermath

   "For the last time, he didn't try to kill us! He saved us!". I screamed from the top of my lungs, but Aldrich was as stubborn as a mule.  

   A short while after we returned to the trucks, Aldrich and his team had hunted the last demons out of the Capital. There were many hurt soldiers, and the truck area was almost full when we arrived. Everyone could agree the demons were more systematic this time. 

   When we returned, Aldrich pulled me back into the court room, but this time it wasn't a trial. "He's trying to trick you! are you so blind you can't see that Mischa?! As soon as he get's the chance he'll gut you!". He was not sitting on his chair anymore, he was walking around all over the room.

   " You weren't there! He had a great chance to kill me on the spot, but he didn't! how can you explain that?!". We were both screaming the heads of each other, I wish he'd just back down and tell me I was right. " He's insane Mischa! You've said so yourself! Psycho's don't need a reason!". I was now consumed by rage. "You just can't handle not being right! You always have to be right! You shouldn't even be trying to debate about this, you're just an old ignorant fool!". 

   With these last words, I jump up from my chair, I can feel it fall behind me. I stomp towards the door, and slam it shut behind me, not letting Aldrich have the last word. 

  "So, i guess it didn't go well?". George had been waiting for me, that I forgot. "No, it did not... That old man just won't listen...". We begin walking towards Will and Jonathan's bedroom. I had promised my team I would explain everything to them, then George decided on his own that he would come to, because he didn't know everything yet. 

   "How do you think it will go explaining everything to them?". I scowl at his question. "Horrible... But not worse than trying to get Aldrich to believe Robert... Parrish, what ever, saved us...".

    George opens the door for me, and as I was expecting, they're in the room, waiting for answers. "So... I go first, then Jonathan has so explain something to me okay?". Jonathan looks up at me. "Fine...". 

   I start explaining everything to them, no one interrupts me as I speak. I tell them everything, from the day he began falling, to when he saved us, after I finish telling the story, there's a long silence.

   "And you don't know if he's good or evil?". Felicia breaks the silence, she looks confused, so do the others. " I have no idea... But, he did kill that demon, so he's either good or insane". I look over at Jonathan, we share a brief look, then he looks down again, "So I guess it's my turn...". "Yes, and i want to know everything, why you acted as a little shy boy, and how you knew who i was". 

   Will is sitting beside him, he looks like he's trying to keep Jonathan from spilling the beans. "Okay... I and Will, are half brothers, on our mothers side... She was happily married to a human man, and they got Will... And, uhm... Then, this is how we were told it happened, one night a demon broke in. he killed Will's father, and after that, he raped our mother, and I'm what came after that". Will was looking away from Jonathan, disappointed of him for telling us, but Jonathan kept going. 

    "On my 14th birthday, my mother told me what happened that night. And of course, I felt like I didn't belong, so I ran away, to a demon sanctuary, if you can call it that, and there I stayed for half a year. But I soon realized that being a half-ling is not something to talk about, if a demon finds out, it will kill you, and then I heard about you, and your brother. I returned home, that's it". He looks back up at me, showing no emotion what so ever. 

   "Why did you act as if you were so shy?". He looks at me as if i should know. " After a half-ling turns 15 it's eyes will start showing, and the only way to hide them, is concentrate about hiding them all the time. Thus acting as a total different person is the easiest way. And no, i will not show you what a half-ling's eyes look like". I open my mouth to ask him about something else, but he cuts me of. 

   "But when I'm on the battle field, I can't act as a little scaredy cat, now can I?". He had answered my question before I could ask him.

   "Now can you guys please leave the room, i need to have a talk with my brother". Will is now standing up, and reaching his way towards the door. George and Felicia stand up to leave the room, so do I. "You to Clara". Clara stands up and leaves the room with us. "See you guys later". I say before walking down the corridor with George by my side. 

    "Looks like you're not the only freak here". George mumbles. 





After the incident, I was lead away in chains, killing a fellow monster is the worst crime to be committed in the land of the demons. 

  A guard is holding onto the chains so i won't run away, he is walking very slowly, so everyone turn get their turn in disgracing me, like I haven't done a good job myself. 

    "You half blooded traitor!". Mocking screams are coming from everywhere around me. But who could blame them, our home had been attacked, and then I killed one of them. " You bloody half-ling!". 

   "You know, these people are really getting on my nerves, could we please go a little faster?". I smiled at the guard, he just scowled back. "You deserve this, and you know it". He keeps his eyes away from me and keeps looking forward. Were walking towards the only building left standing, the house of the head demon, of course he had made a barrier around the house when he found out we were getting attacked. 

   "What ever happens to you in there, you deserve". I look at him confused. "So if they offer me ice cream, do I deserve it?". I can hear running footsteps behind me, the guards turns around to look. "Can i talk to him before you turn him over". I recognize the voice, I turn around to see if I'm right. My eyes meet Sam's. 

   "Fine, but only two minutes, if you try escaping with him, I'll kill you both". He grumbles, and hands the chains over to Sam, he walks a few feet away, and turns his back towards us.  

   She looks pissed, and i felt like giving the guard the chains back. "Why the hell didn't you just kill her". She hisses at me, I look everywhere except at her. "You know, I would prefer you didn't try to mentally kill me". I try to make a joke to calm her down, but it only made her worse.

   "Calm down? You, one of my best friends, is getting a death sentence, and you want me to calm down?". She screams, the guard turns around to see what's going on. "Keep it down would ya?". 

   "Yeah". I answer him, still shocked by Sam's reply. "So... I'm getting a death sentence? or are you just trying to scare me?". She breathes heavily. " You usually get a death sentence for killing a fellow demon... but you aren't a demon now are you?". 

   "Times up love birds". The guard is walking towards us, Sam hands over the chains when the guard can reach them. " I'll maybe see you again". She starts walking away as the guard keeps walking towards the house. 

   "Do you think i'll be sentenced to death?". Trying to have a conversation with the guard is the only thing i can do right now. He looks at me, clearly seeing that I'm not a normal monster. " I hope you will kid".

   "Welcome in Parrish, you can leave now kind sir". Victor opened the door for me, a big fake smile spread all over his face. The guard hands over the chains and Victor leads me to what appears to be a living room. Two more demons are waiting in the room, and i recognize both of them, Gilbert and Mavis, 1nd in charge and 3rd.

   "Well then, this is the famous fallen angel? He's skinnier than i thought he would be". As Victor ties me to a chair, Mavis pulls her's closer to mine. "Disappointed?". I reply, she looks at me with daggers. "yes". 

  "No more chitchatting, you killed one of our own Parrish, now why did you do that?". Gilbert sits down on a chair next to Mavis, his face is emotionless. "I don't know... Moment of weakness... I'm too humane, take your pick?". I look into Gilbert's eyes, surprisingly he stares back. 

  "No...". His voice is as cold as ice, i can feel the chills running down my spine, I see why he's the leader, he's a psycho like me. "A part of you is trying to get back up without you even realizing it. We both know, that fallen angels shouldn't be able to get back up, but meeting your sister must have weakened you". 

   "So, you're going to kill me?". I almost choke on my words. I had forgotten what it felt like being terrified, but Gilbert made me feel it again. "No, no no no... That would be a waste... We'll just keep you from getting you up again. You've heard about the serum we inject into the demons who don't listen, haven't you?". 

   I freeze. "No, please don't" I feel weak, I am shaking. Victor smiles, and Gilbert continues talking. " It starts a piercing pain running through your nervous system, while bringing pain, it messes with your head, you loose your mind... Only a few demons weren't driven insane by the serum, but they died a few days after. And you're already sick, so were sure it'll work on you". Gilbert smiles as he finishes talking. 

   I notice Mavis is holding a syringe filled with black liquid in her left hand. "Please don't". Gilbert stands up to leave the room. "I don't want to waste a fine soldier, so this is the only way to keep you obedient". He leaves the room with Victor, and I'm left with Mavis. 

  "You'll just feel a little sting in the neck, after that you'll feel like you're in hell". I try to move, but the chains just pull tighter when i move. She sticks the syringe in my neck, and the liquid enters my body. 

   She stands up to leave the room with the others. "Oh, almost forgot... When the pain starts, just remember your sister brought this on you". She smiles as she places a cloth in my mouth and leaves the room. 

    As her shadow disappears from the door, the pain starts. I scream as loud as i can, but my voice is muffled by the cloth. I feel myself drifting away, black spots are dancing before my eyes, as i fall into a black abyss, i let go.








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