Lucy and Mark break up and go there separate ways, only to be brought back together in the worst imaginable situation.

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7. Mark, procrastinating


He couldn’t.

He wouldn’t.

He had placed the folder down on the table and was leaning over it breathing heavily. This was not good.

“Oh, don’t worry about bringing that one in, I think max already sent out for her,” A colleague of Marks was talking about the folder.

Someone was already bringing her in.

At least he didn't have to kidnap her. 

 “Who the hell is Max and what the hell is he doing with my case?” Mark shouted back.

“I dunno,” He retorted, a little phased by Marks outburst. “Boss sent him out, H’s a guy from division X I think.”

“Division X, what the hell they’re way above this! What the hells got into this place?” Mark smashed his fist into the table in frustration.

“She’s still yours though, Max will be done in around…” the man checked his watch “Eh, ‘round three?”

Three o’clock was in three hours, give or take a few minutes. That’s all the time he had. Mark had heard from the other guys that Max was not at all nice. Lucy in the hands of him. Not a good thought.

Mark had to think of a plan and he had to think of one soon.


Mark knew Lucy well, he knew Lucy could handle herself.

She must be in one of the bases nearby. There were three drop points nearby, but only two that mark thought they’d take her too. The two closest. When you take someone you need to know they have no idea where they’re going to. You always take them to the closest, but with the most disorderly route. So that left him with two. There was a place he’d heard of in Blucher road, and another he used in Penford Street.  He had to check them both out before Max was done with her, whatever he would do.

The people that picked up the cases were also the ones to rough them up. That’s what they did in his division anyway, division Q. But Mark had no idea what a division X guy would be doing with his case. With his girlfriend.

 To wear them down before they had admitted to what not. But what had Lucy done he had no idea of.


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