Lucy and Mark break up and go there separate ways, only to be brought back together in the worst imaginable situation.

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4. Lucy, being shoved in a van

She slammed the door, shrugged off her jacket and what she hoped to be the day’s work. “Stupid,” she mumbled. As per usual Lucy had a bad day at work. Costumer services was never her dream job.

And that was when she heard it. Nothing special, just a door gently shutting. ‘Nothing compared to that door slam’, she thought to herself, grinning. Her grin vanished as she heard the noise again. “Mark?” She called cautiously

Mark was Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, she had broken up with him some weeks ago and, and had received texts from him what seemed like every hour since. Lucy sighed and unwillingly took the few steps that would take her to the kitchen. She swung the door open, closed her eyes, took a deep breath in and-

“FREEZE,” someone shouted.

She froze.

Lucy just managed to suppress her scream. She was sure the door was locked when she came into the house. She opened her eyes, but there was no point, only what felt like a potato sack being hauled over her head. ‘Not at all professional,’ she thought.

She was being shoved around in a confined and uncomfortable vehicle. It seemed like a van but horribly familiar, like an ambulance. It stopped. She was pushed out and practically thrown to a cold, hard floor. The potato sack was becoming more and more irritating. She felt something on her leg Lucy and grabbed for it recognizing the shape of her phone. ‘Advantage,’ she thought, and for a split second was slightly happy. It vibrated. Lucy’s phone was always on silent, and she recognized this pattern.

Three short

Three long

Three short


Lucy and her best friend learnt Morse code long ago for a school project, hence this was her designated ringtone. ‘Emma,’ thought Lucy. She had no idea what Emma had texted her ‘No time to worry’ she thought to herself, just as she heard footsteps approaching.

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