Out craze the crazed

*WARNING" This story will contain chapters with sexual themes that may be unsuitable for younger readers.
You struggled with bipolar disorder since you were a young girl and now... you couldn't see the end of this. This was the end of it all. Trying to take your own life you failed. Insane, they all thought you were insane and now look where you are. Arkham asylum. Now this was defiantly going to be the death of you, that's what you want, right?


4. An unlikely friend

Doing as he said, I obeyed his command and didn't leave the room. The thought of escaping the room though did enter my mind a lot. I needed to get out of there no matter what it took. But I wasn't going to be stupid about it, I was going to use my smarts to escape when the time is right and they least expect it.

Pacing up and down the room, the door creaked open but I didn't look. I was scared. If I looked it meant it was real and it was going to happen. I understand that whatever was going to happen was going to happen anyway but it gave e a bit of relief for some reason.

"You're going to need medical attention, you know." I heard his whisper with what sounded like a sense of worry in his voice.

Looking over, his blue crystal eyes met with my (e/c) ones. My heart missed a beat and I thought to myself that it was wrong and I voice in my head replied

"Well he is pretty cute, you should go for it!"

I giggle at the voices stupidity only to get a confused look from the Joker.

Shrugging my shoulders, he passed it off and walked slowly towards me with what looked like a first aid kit in his hand. From the previous nights I had acquired several cuts which I had washed out in the en-suite bathroom but I was still concerned that they would get infects.

Gesturing for me to sit, I did and he did as well and opened the first aid kit. Pulling out a few bandages, some plasters and some anti bacterial wipes he cleaned me up and he informed me that it would most likely scar. Once he was done he brushed my arm almost like he was saying sorry and I knew he didn't have to do it so I muttered "T-t-thank you."

He smiled and exited the room with the first aid kit in hand.

Once he left, I decided to take a shower since I needed one, badly. Once I had finished showering, I went back into the room and noticed clothes laid out neatly on the bed with a note next them saying 

*I didn't know your size, hope I got it right


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