Out craze the crazed

*WARNING" This story will contain chapters with sexual themes that may be unsuitable for younger readers.
You struggled with bipolar disorder since you were a young girl and now... you couldn't see the end of this. This was the end of it all. Trying to take your own life you failed. Insane, they all thought you were insane and now look where you are. Arkham asylum. Now this was defiantly going to be the death of you, that's what you want, right?


2. A "special" therapist

Stepping on to the dark concrete floors of arkham, I make my way down the hallway being escorted by two men. They did not trust me, I could tell. As I walked down the hall they turned a corner, I followed.

They led me down a corridor that I was unfamiliar with then to a room on the left side of the hall and as I entered in a room that appeared to be some sort of cell. Not like mine, it had a metal table that was stained with what looked like dirt and dried up blood in the middle. My stomach turned as my heart dropped. My mind was screaming at me to move, to get out of there but my legs wouldn't budge. 

The room was grimy and nearly a mossy green. "I am not going to die here..!" I thought to myself.

Moments had passed since I was forced into the room and before I could turn around and run, the door had been slammed causing echos throughout the room.

The echos sent shivers down my spine. When the door closed, the light was cut off almost completely, there was only  small stream of light coming through the small rectangular peep hole in the door.

That small stream of light started to fade as I realised they were closing it and I began to freak. I was NOT good in the dark. Kicking in almost immediately, my anxiety was worse than normal.

"Oh god" I spoke aloud.

"There's no use praying to your god now..." A heard a deep voice come from the corner of the room. The lights flickered on making me squint and when I could finally see I saw that it was the man from earlier.

"Now you can call me doc. J" He chuckled. Across his face, he wore a smile that gave off an evil and psychotic vibe. My body didn't shift as he began to edge closer to me. 

The light switched off again and I yelped in pain as I felt a sharp pain in my neck then I felt nothing.


When I awoke, I was in a white, clean, pristine room in a what seemed to be a hospital bed but something seemed off, it couldn't of just been a dream, could it? But then I knew for a fact that it wasn't. I reached up to my neck and felt an agonising pain as I felt what was a healed over cut. In my daze from just waking up, I didn't notice the heavily tattooed, green haired man in the corner of the room, smirking.

"Good morning, (y/n)" He said through his eerie grin.

"H-h-how do yo--" I began but was rudely cut off 

"You are extremely beautiful, my dear. Has anyone ever told you that?" He smiled then stood up and began walking towards me, I shook my head and I saw an expression other than happiness take over his face, shock.

"Well, you are!" He affirmed.

"Anyway...let's have some fun!" He laughed wickedly.

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