you're next

well a murderer is on the lose


1. youre next

It was a cold snowy day. Melanie woke to her mom telling her that school had been canceled for the day due to the heavy snow, therefor Melanie would have to stay home alone which had never before bothered her. She told her mom goodbye and to have a good day her mother kissed her forehead and told her she loved her. Melanie got up and cooked herself a little breakfast, then went and watched a little tv when all of the sudden a news reporter interrupted her show slightly annoyed she still paying attention to the news update it was the profile of a murder who is on the loose. She looked out the sliding glass door in the kitchen that led into the back yard. When she noticed a tall man standing out there in the snow, his looks fit the exact profile of the murder. Trying not to panic she grabs the phone to dial 911 she looked up from the phone and looked back out the door and he is slightly closer he now stands staring at her with the most vulgar smile. Melanie drops the phone she looked back out into the snow and he’s gone she breathes a sigh of relief, but it is only then when she hears the sliding door open. Its him he is standing there still smiling and screams the words, “YOU'RE NEXT!”

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