Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


7. the break up

-Madison  prov.- 
         Once I get in school I go straight to my locker and I see Chris standing there,I guess he was waiting for me "what do you want Chris" I said opening my locker "that was a quick walk don't you think?" he said raising an eyebrow at me  "I got a ride" I Sighed "with who?" he said getting in my business like he was right "none of your damn concern Chris"I said shutting my locker an started walking away and then I felt a hard grip on my arm and it hurt  "ouch" I yelled "who gave you a ride Madison?" he scared  at me waiting for an answer "I swear if you don't get your hands off me in. 5 secon- wait scratch that if you don't get your hands off me in 3 seconds ima beat the living shit out of you, he let go and then he turned an walked away, I swear sometimes I think he gay (๐Ÿ˜‚) . I went to my math class and went straight towards the back of the class like I always do while mr. Matthews was teaching the only thing I was thinking about was dame he was so sweet and sexy he was over the top better then Chris. Chris he was now my enemy after what he did to me in the hallway, how could he just put his hands on me like I'm his child or sum shit I know I probably couldn't beat him cause he a man and I'm a woman but I was going to die trying cause I would never EVER let a man beat on me like how my aunt Sabrina let her husband beat on her and now she's in the hospital in a coma, to be honest I don't feel bad for her at all me and mama told her to leave that man alone a long time ago but she was always sure he wasn't going to do it again. "MRS.MADDISON" mr Matthews yelled snapping me out my thoughts "yessss mr Matthew" I said annoyed by him "am I getting on your nerves or something" he said acting like he cared "did I say you was getting on my nerves" I said raising an eyebrow. It was like mr Matthews was always bugging me about something and it don't even be nun serious "MRS Madison" he said "mr Matthews" I said back. He then stopped talking to me I guess he got tired of my smart mouth 

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