Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


9. Madison

Madison prov-
        I guess I have to take the bus home today, I hate taking the bus cause there are so many desperate boys on the bus and so many girls be gossiping about lord knows what ,but I don't pay none of them no attention cause that's all they asking for. SO once I get on the bus I decide I don't want to sit in the back cause that's where mostly everyone be at but I also don't want to sit in the front cause the bus driver be talking to me and I don't even be understanding nun he be saying  so I decided to sit in the middle row of the bus "LOOK ITS MRS MADISON" a boy said as he walked past touching my chin "boy" I started but then shut up. "Madison" someone yelled my name   So I turned around  "oh my gosh WHAT" I said with an attitude "u wanna come sit with me" a boy said and he looked like a Cookie Monster who haven't had cookies in years "ewwww no! Do I look like I get with ugly people. Nope I like cute people so until you get on that LEVEL leave me alone okay, whoever the fuck you are" he looked like he wanted to say sum back but he knew better. "She so Rachet" a girl with the most napy  weave  I have ever seen. "Bitch spell Rachet" I said looking at her "R-A-C-H-AT
" everybody started laughing "special needs ass looking hoe" I said as I exited the bus at my bus stop. Once I got in the house I saw my mama sitting on the couch crying "what's wrong ma I said sitting next to her" she looked up at me "Madison she's gone" she said crying harder "who?" I said confused  "MY LITTLE SISTER IS GONE FOREVER" then I thought about my aunt Sabrina my moms only sister her only sibling "I'm so sorry mama , I'm so sorry " I said trying to comfort her. We sat there for a long minute just taking it all in, I never thought she would die cause she was hanging in there for so long,she had been through so much,who ever thought she would have just gave up. I went up to my room an then I went to my phone an saw I had a missed call from Chris so I called him back "hello?" He said over the phone sounding tired "hey you called" I heard him moving around "Yeah Madison we need to talk" I sighed just waiting for my apology "I think you need to apologize for how you disrespected me" he said. I was so shocked my mouth was wide open "I NEED TO WHAT!" I said yelling "apologize" repeating him self  "Chris your a fucking idiot, I should come down there an- you know what, Chris I can't do this anymore " he started laughing as if I said the funniest joke on earth "what's funny?" I said confused " serious" I could not believe he just asked me that  "hell yeah I'm serious, I don't wanna be with you anymore you is boring, disrespectful, and aggressive. You are everything I DONT want in a man sooooooo...... Have a nice life" I hung up the phone not wanting to hear his voice anymore. I went to take my shower and then changed into a big white t-shirt and went to bed

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