Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


5. madison

"MAMA!!!" I yell running down stairs not caring if I get cursed out for yelling in the house "yes Madison?" My mom was sitting at the kitchen table doing some type of taxes or some shit. "You gonna take me to school or no?" She turned an looked at me crazy "I thought your boyfriend was coming to take you" she said looking worried. "Me and him are not talking right now, he seems to have an attitude problem" I said playing with my nails" my boyfriend name is Chris he is so boring, I don't even know how me and him got together cause we two different people, he is very mature, he does not like rap music he only listen to classic,jazz,and gospel music not saying that I don't like good guys it's just....... I want someone who can let loose๐Ÿ™„ but the thing I like about Chris is that he doesn't treat me wrong, it's hard to find guys like that now an days. But Chris is a very good looking guy and he is great in the bed๐Ÿค— "I can't take you to school Madison, my car broke down" she started fiddling through her papers ."How am I supposed to get to school then". As soon as I said that we hear a knock at the door. I run to the door and open it. " you ready" it was Chris he had a big smile on his face "I thought you wasn't coming to get me" I said crossing my arms "you coming or not I don't have time to fuss with you" he said walking to his car, so I walked out the house and got in his car that smelled brand new even though he had it for 2 years now, his car always smelled brand still mad at me" he touched my thigh. I push his hand off of me "don't touch me" I said with an attitude "you so cute when u mad" he started to play his classic music "I love this one" he said turning up the radio ,this really slow classic music started playing it was so boring,I wanted to just jump out the car "Chris you can just let me out" he looked at me crazy so I looked at him with the (boy don't start) face , so he stopped the car unlocking the car door, I hoped out not looking back ,Chris drove past me in his ugly ass car (it's not really ugly I'm just really mad at him) so I start walking it 

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