Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


15. Helping out

Madison PROV
"Well?" I said as I waited for him to answer "what about your mom Madison?.did you ever think about that" I looked at him and then the ground I forgot all about my mama she did need me so that meant that I needed to be there for her "your right" I give him a kiss on the cheek "but I got to go love you" we said our goodbyes and then I left and once I got in the house my mom was waiting at the kitchen table "where have you been MADISON I HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK!!!!" She yelled "mom chill I was just with a friend" I looked at her then at the floor "did you ask me YOUR MOTHER IF YOU COULD GO SEE A FRIEND" she waited for an answer "last time I checked mama I was 17 years old I can smoke if I wanted to, I can buy liquor , hELL I could even get my own apartment if i wanted but NO!! I stay here keeping YOU COMPANY" I yell then regretting what I said "I'm sorry ma-" she cut me off "GET OUT" she pointed to the door "but mama" I said as I began to cry "MADISON JUST LEAVE AND I BETTER NOT EVER SEE YOU AGAIN, AFTER ALL I DID FOR YOU AND YOU TREAT ME LIKE......LIKE.....A Nobody" I looked at her for a long second "i hate you" I whispered, she looked at me in shock "good then you won't come running back to me now will you?"she whispered back, I then ran outside tears running down my face I couldn't believe what just happened 


"So you and her dating now" my friend trey asked "yea I guess" I replied. Trey has been my friend ever since 3rd grade me and him been through EVERYTHING together he the one who gave me my first tattoo. He is my homeboy I can count on him."how she look,she cute or ugly,does she got butt or no, does she got a sister if so is she cute or nah." He was asking so many questions and he was surly waiting for me to answer them. Then I got a phone call from Madison "I'll be down in a lil" I said then went running out side to my car "AYE WHERE YOU GOING"trey yelled from inside the house but I I ignored him and then drove off. Once I found Madison on the side off the road crying I stopped and went to comfort her "what happen" I asked "she kicked me out" tears streaming down her face so I wipe them from her "she said she don't ever wanna see me again" I take her face and I kiss her "I love you" she said looking me in the eyes "I love you too Madison" and then we both get in the car too drive to my house "so you stay by your self" she asked "nah I live with my brother" I said pulling up in the drive way "oh ok"

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