1. Hopeless

Harry didn't look at me as I opened the door to the classroom and entered. The teacher paused his teaching to give me a disappointed stare, but he didn't even bother talking to me about being late any more. It had been happening for two weeks straight now and he'd lost hope.

With my head down, eyes avoiding Harry's general direction, I walked right to my usual desk and waved at desk-mate Zed, before sitting myself down.

"You okay?" Zed asks, next to me. But I wasn't in the mood to talk about it. I knew he was my best friend and knew that he knew of what happened with me and Harry. But I was keeping everyone at arms' length from now now and I hoped he understood.

The teacher was speaking but the last thing I wanted to discuss was mitosis.

What I really wanted to do was confront Harry.

I wanted to walk across the room, stand up to him and demand an explanation about why he became so cruel overnight.

But somehow, ever since it happened, I seemed to have lost my fire-attitude.

I was now a meek version of who I used to be.

Because what Harry did broke me.

And I didn't think I would ever regain my drive, my fire.

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