this girl can see stuff others cant


1. glasses

Ally has always worn glasses as long as she can remember. While she was a young child her mom and dad always made sure she had them on from the second she woke till the second she fell asleep. As she she had gotten older she always continued this routine with no questions asked. That was only until curiosity got the best of her. One night Ally had accidentally fallen asleep with her glasses on and must have rolled over on them in the middle of the night. The next morning she woke up and found them broken almost momentarily her mother walked in and frighteningly said, ¨Ally why aren't you wearing your glasses. Ally then told her mom the story, and replied to her mom, ¨but mom I can see perfectly without them. Now panicking her mother rushed to the phone and called Ally´s doctor. Within the next few minutes Ally would see the world the way her family had shielded her from at birth. When Ally was born the doctors realized that she was very different. She could see things that others couldn't, strange things, dark things. Every morning ten minutes after she wakes it activates, unless she wears the glasses. But now her only remaining pair is broken. Now she shall face the grim fate she was given...

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