My Story

well its about a girl and her life just read it


1. my story

On August ninth 2002, Marilynn Elizabeth Haynes (Elie) was accidentally born to the couple John and Beverly Haynes. She was there, ¨oops, well we have a baby.¨ She was the reason they fought the reason they argued and well the reason for divorce. When she was fifteen months old the sealed the deal and her dad left out on the road. Her and her mom moved in with her mother's parents, and later rented a house as a young child she was pretty much okay of course she didn't really see her daddy so she was sad too. When Elie turned three her mother moved to a new house and Elie started school. Her grandma showed favoritism towards Taylor Elie´s older cousin whatever Elie did it was never better than Taylor's and still to this day isn't. However her grandfather was always there for her and was an amazing role model. Fast Forward to when Elie was in the third grade Elie and her mother maintained a wonderful mother daughter relationship until he came along… One day Elie heard her mom on the phone talking to someone who sounded like it could be a man. So Elie asked, ¨momma who are you talking to?¨ Her mom refused to tell her who he was, until one snow day she announced that he would be coming over and that his name was Lanny. Immediately after meeting him Elie knew something was weird about him and she didn't like it but her mother was just like, ¨oh dont be silly.¨ But, she was the silly one she married him after three months of knowing the man she met online. Her way of telling elie was taking her to mcdonalds and buying her a toy and saying, ¨oh I´m getting married¨. Elie cried and knew it wouldn't end well. The night after the wedding elie spent the night with her mothers sister. Elie started crying saying she missed her dad and her aunt said ¨elie stop, you're just doing this for attention.¨ Her aunt was never caring or loving to her. A little while into the marriage elie was sick and had to stay home from school. Her mom was going to stay home and tend to her daughter but her sick husband said he was ¨sick¨ too and that he would stay home. Elie dicided she was going to watch a movie and make a pallet in the floor out of pillows like anyother eight year old kid, when her stepdad walked in and told her to take off her shirt and expose her chest while he took advantage of her. So that was that her innocence was taken that day and he told her not to tell anyone or he would have to go back to jail. He had went to jail just days after the wedding for breaking a broomstick to his ex-wife's neck and telling her he was going to kill her. Her mother wouldn't tell her why he was in jail because she said he didn't do it. Anyways elie stayed quiet for three years until one day she finally told her mom, elie thought this would be the end that her mom would end it and somehow fix the hurt. But that is where she was wrong her mom simply didn't believe her own child. About a year later while at church camp elie finally told a counselor and got some help. Elie and her dad fought in court against her mom and stepdad. Longer story short Lanny got forty-five days in a jail and elie got a restraining order that lasts till she is eighteen. Wow a piece of paper! He was never listed as a sex offender! Still her mom is with the man who ruined her child. He still haunts her memories and dreams she has nightmares that he comes back and hurts her. The only ones who believed her story was her dad and his side of the family. When she goes to see her mom he has to go somewhere else, Elie told her mom´s family that she doesn't like seeing his picture. So what do they do? Well the drag out the wedding pictures! So when she goes there she has to she the face more and more. Elie now lives with her father she suffers from severe depression and has a hard time trusting everyone and anyone Well check the name who wrote this oh yeah look it what? Oh Elie Haynes! Yep you just read my story

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