Take My Heart

Natalya met a guy named Blake at a club that peaked her interest. He's a dangerous guy, but with a good heart. But what she doesn't know is that he is the leader of the Mafia.


1. Plans



I was woken up by the sunlight that managed to shine though the curtain onto my dark skin.


"Ugghhh...What time is it?" I yawned. As I turned over on my side and looked at the time on my phone it was 3:32

"God, was I asleep all day?" I rolled back over so I was laying face up rubbing my eyes. My black hair splayed all over my pillow. ‘There go all my morning plans.’ I laid in bed, thinking if I should just go head and get up or just lay here a little bit longer. My stomach seemed to agree with the first choice. Groaning, I forced my numb limbs to move and get ready for the day-or afternoon. "A nice bath should wake me up."



"Ahhh, that feels nice." I moaned as the warm water and bubbles covered my body. I leaned my head back until it rested on the side of the tub. "Yep, this is ju-"



"Seriously," I growled and got out the tub. I shivered as the cold air hit my naked body and quickly wrapped a towel around me. "This better be good." I hissed, already mad that my bath was interrupted. I picked up my phone and answered the call, trying to keep my voice as even as I could.




"Whoa, Talia what's wrong with you?" 


"What do you want Lily? I have a hot bubble bath ready and I don't want to keep it waiting."


"Are you using the Lavender soap or the Vanilla?"


"Uh, let me check." I shifted the phone so I was holding it between my left shoulder and cheek and went back into the bathroom. I picked up the bottle that was opened and checked the label. 


"I'm using the Vanilla one."


"I like the Lavender one better, because it loosens all my sore muscles after-"


"LILY!" I screamed at her. I started feeling sick as visual images filled my head.


"Haha! Taila, you're so dirty minded! I've raised you well!"


"Lily, why did you call me in the first place." I really wanted to change the subject now. Plus my bath was getting cold.


"Oh right, me and Tori wanted to know if you wanted to go to the club with us tonight. And don't say you can't come cause you have school, I know you're free tonight."


I sighed, knowing that my favorite lie wasn't going to work today. Besides, it wasn't like I had anything planned today anyways.

"Fine, I guess I'll go."


"Yay! I'll come pick you up. Be ready by 8:00 okay!"


And with that, Lily hung up before I could reply. I put my phone down by the sink and got back in the tub. I smiled lightly when I felt that the water was still a little warm. 'Well, at least I have something to do today after all.'



(Thx for reading the first chapter of Mine and The LastPoptart's book)

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