My Deadly Life

A 18 year old girl fighting her way through life both literally and mentally while trying to find something that should never be discovered.


3. Who Am I

I was dazed when I left the house, everything was blurry and I wasn't sure what I should do next. For awhile I wandered aimlessly till I bumped into someone, I wasn't aware how tired I was till I started to drift as I was falling, after a few hours I woke up and found myself in someone's house. As I was getting up some guy asked "Are you alright" I looked at as I asked "Who are you and did you bring me here" he said "My name is Eric Smith and don't worry I'm not going to hurt I'm just curious as to why you were walking on a highway" I said "It's complicated well thank you for helping me but I better go" as i was about to leave he sops me and says "I don't think that's a good idea you should rest a bit you still look tired" I said "Thanks for your concern but I have something to find so bye" I was nearly out the door when he said "So you're still going to look for your parents" I asked "How do you know that" when I turned towards him I saw the letter in his hand, I asked "Why do you have that" and tried to get the letter from him. He said as he lfited it out of my reach "I got it when it fell out your pocket bit I believe that's beside the point you still haven't answered my question Danielle" I sighed and said "I'm looking for answers as to who I am & for my brother by the way my name is Skylar" he said "Really cause this note is addressed to Danielle so I thought that might be your name" I said "That might the name my parents gave me but I go by Skylar and I have to start looking for my brother" he said "You don't have to do that" I asked "Why" and he said "I guess I can tell the thruth I'm your brother and my real name is Daniel who would've thought I would find my sister this way". I stared at him for a few minutes then I said "How can I believe that you're telling the truth" he said "I understand if you don't believe me but you'll have to take my word on this I'm telling the truth putting that issue aside what are you going to do now" before I could answer him someone broke the window then started to shoot, both Daniel and I ducked as the bullets nearly hit us. While the bullets kept coming I noticed that there was blood dripping from my shoulder as I was looking at my arm my head started to hurt, while I was enduring the pain I saw an image of two people laying in a puddle of blood, once it ended I passed out with tears running down my face.

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