My Deadly Life

A 18 year old girl fighting her way through life both literally and mentally while trying to find something that should never be discovered.


5. The Disastrous Incident

 Unsure of what happened only to remember after I saw that I was covered in blood with someone's body lying next to my feet, I was shaking after I realized that I was the one who killed him while I was trying to recall what happened before I got closer to see who the person was as I got a better look I was shocked to see that it was Dalyon, while I stood there something started to come back to me but it was too blurry for me to see once it ended I heard Daniel calling for me when he found me I asked "Daniel do you know how I ended up here and did I really kill Dalyon" he said "We're going home after you get the blood off I'll tell you what happened I just hope that nothing bad happens any time soon" and took me to the car. As we were getting close to the house there was a police car parked near the driveway once we pulled up Daniel told me "Stay in the car till I come get you" and got out before I could say anything then went to talk to the cop, after awhile I saw that he had started to yell at him once he calmed down he turned in my direction and nodded his head toward the house, I got out the car a little scared but calmed down when the cop didn't stop me from going in the house. Once I was dressed I went to the living room as Daniel called for me, I sat down really close to Daniel once I saw the cop sitting on the other couch while his eyes were following me, after a few minutes of silence I asked "I'm wondering what is the reason that you're here" he said "I'm sure you're aware about the murder of Dalyon Moon well we're trying to find the one responsible and I'm here to ask you if you two have any knowledge about the killer" I didn't saying anything uncertain if the truth would come out while waiting for one of us to speak Daniel said "I'm sorry but we don't know anything about his death or the killer I"m sorry I couldn't have been helpful" he said "That's alright I appreciate your cooperation" then left. Once he was gone Daniel asked “Danielle what happened on your walk” I said “I can’t really explain I remember going to my room then I got a text from Dalyon asking me to meet him in that meadow then something came over my body, told him yes, got the bat and took to the meadow once the bat was in the air I tried to warn him but he didn’t hear me and started to hit him in the head, I couldn’t do anything to stop once it stopped I was back in control then I realized what happened which caused me to pass out & that’s it I can’t believe I did that to him I should’ve told the cop the truth” Daniel said “I know how you feel right now but I’m not letting you turn yourself in for something that you couldn’t stop especially when you barely had any control over yourself so no matter what happens you are not allowed to talk to cops without me around got it” I said “Okay but what will we do now” he said “For now we’ll just act normal so tomorrow we’ll go to school and you’re not to talk to anyone about Dalyon okay” I nodded then went to my room hoping that there won’t be any more incidents like last night’s. While I was getting ready for school I heard Daniel call me when I started to go downstairs I stopped as the scent of blood waft through the air, I looked around but didn’t see any blood so I went to the kitchen fast then went to the car and waited.

As Daniel was walking to the car I saw Daniel and I surrounded by a bunch of men we had our backs to each other like we were about to attack but none of them came towards us then I heard a familiar laugh once I looked in the person’s direction I started to shake when I saw her, once it ended I started to shake and was close to freaking out. Once Daniel got in the car and started driving I said “It’s too late someone’s demise is coming and it can’t be stopped” he was going to ask me something but stopped when he noticed that my eyes were glazed over, my voice had changed and I was distant & shaking. It took a while for me to calm down I said “Maybe I should have stay home” he said “You’ll be fine just treat today like you would any other day” I nodded, took some deep breaths and headed to school wishing that everybody would ignore me including my friends. I was walking to class when people, who I didn’t think I would see again, called my name as I turned around I asked “What are you guys doing here I thought you moved” Disree said “We did but we told our parents that we didn’t like our schools so we came back how have you been doing” I told her, “I’ve been fine and I found out that I have a brother” they asked, “Really, what does he look like” I was going to answer them when the bell rang, I said “I’ll tell you guys at lunch bye” and went to class. I was listening to the teacher while thinking that things were starting to get a bit better, as class was coming to an end the fire alarm went off causing the class to panic I looked for Daniel, Leah, Taylor and Disree while everyone was evacuating the school, I looked everywhere, but saw no sign of them at all so I started to exist when I realized that they were already outside when I heard the faint sound of someone calling for help, as I headed toward the sound I saw a girl standing against a wall surrounded by fire. I looked for a way to get her out of there but there was nothing I would’ve went to water, but I wasn’t sure of how long it would take so I backed up, ran and jumped through the fire. Once I got to the girl I asked “Are you alright” she nodded then started to cough, I put her arm around my shoulder and got her to her feet then quickly walked through the fire. As we were making our way to the exit I heard a few people calling my name although it was so faint that I wasn't sure if I was hearing things, it wasn't until I saw the people's shadows as they got clearer I saw Daniel and a firefighter coming our way, when they got close my vision started to get blurry, I started to cough & was falling from the inhalation of smoke just as they got us then I passed out. Once I started to wake up I saw that I was surrounded by the teachers, Taylor, Disree, Leah, the girl I saved and Daniel. I started to sit up when they asked “Are you alright” I nodded then asked the girl “Are you doing any better” she nodded then said “Thank you for helping me” I said, “It was no problem I’m just glad that no one was hurt” and started to get up when Daniel asked "What were you thinking go back in there you could've been hurt" before I could say anything Leah said, "I think she assumed that we were still inside so she went to get us which may have been reckless but it was a good decision considering that she saved this girl's life" he sighed and said "You're right but it would have been better if she told one of us where she was" I hung my head and said "I'm sorry" then walked away. I was heading to my next class when out of nowhere I started to hear Dalyon's voice, at first I thought I was hearing things, but his voice got louder each time it called for me. I tried to ignore it, but it just got louder until it sounded really close when I stopped walking as I was surrounded by fog then started shaking once I saw Dalyon's soul walking towards me saying something & it wasn't until he saw a few inches away that I heard “You killed me” over and over. I denied it while saying “It wasn't my fault” but that only caused his soul to get mad then he said it louder as he closer, I kept denying but my voice broke as soon as he stood right infront of me. My legs gave from the fear & I fell to my knees with my hands over my ears trying to block out his voice which failed when his words started to affect my heart and conscience, I could feel heaviness in my heart that was causing me to breathe heavy; deciding that it was too much to handle I asked him, “Why are you doing this and what do you want” he looked at me then said “To make sure you live in fear I want you to pay for what you did to me so when the time comes I'll be coming to kill you” I screamed “Why can't you just let this go it's not like I wanted to kill you I even tried to warn you, but you didn't hear me and all I want to say is that I'm sorry I know it won't make up for what I did but I hope you can forgive me” he looked at me with a look that was a combination of anger and disgust then said “Do you really think I’d forgive you for what you did apologizing won’t help you, the only thing that will make me forgive you is if you die by my hand” as I got to my feet I said “Do you honestly think killing me will help nothing would really change except that I would be leaving Daniel by himself and there’s no way that’s going to happen; you can resent me for eternity but I won’t let you kill me I finally have a real family and nobody is going to take that from me not you or anyone else trying to kill me I’ll protect us till it’s time for us to leave this world so I want you to leave to find a different purpose and this one last thing I always wanted to tell you that I love you it may not be something you want to hear from me but, that’s what I’ve always felt for you I just never had the courage to tell you goodbye Dalyon” and started to walk away. Once I was sure he couldn’t see me and fell down then started to shake and cry while I was trying to calm myself down someone called my name; not wanting to be seen crying I hung my head down as the person got close to me.

For a while we stood there in silence until the person asked “How long are you planning to keep your head down; you should know it’s pointless to attempt to hide the fact that you were crying Danielle, what’s wrong” at first I was going to say I’m okay, but I decided against it then said “Well I saw Dalyon’s ghost earlier and he is bent on my suffering and death I may have stopped him for now, but I doubt that it was enough to make him give up on his revenge; what am I supposed to do now, Daniel I don’t want to be taken from the last family that I have” he sat next to me and said “I’m not sure, but I won’t let him kill you we’ll figure something out until then we have to be very careful come on lets go home you need some sleep” I nodded as we began to leave the school. As I lie on my bed the last thing I said to Dalyon was running through my head I couldn’t believe I actually said that to him, I had covered my face under my pillow then started to go to sleep when, all of a sudden, I started to hear footsteps coming from above me. Led by curiosity, I followed the sound of them until I was right under the entrance to the attic; I wasn’t sure if I should go up there or not, but there was this feeling telling me to back away while my curiosity grew every time I heard a footstep. I was still thinking it over when I heard someone start singing; the song was beautifully sung, but what entranced me was the singer’s voice and the sadness I heard that caused me to go in the attic and followed the sound until I was facing Dalyon. I stood there watching him, completely stunned, listening to his words really carefully as he stopped he said “I knew you come” then turned towards me while I ask him “Why are you in my attic” he said “To be honest I came here so I could get revenge, but what you told me earlier was running through my head then I realized that it would be impossible to go through with it so I came to say that I’ll be going back, but first I want to show you something if that’s alright” I nodded my head, secretly knowing that he was about to show me something unpleasant so I prepared myself, only that I found I was the least bit prepared, he circled around me for a few minutes until my eyes started to close then I fell asleep as he muttered “Welcome to your nightmare.”

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