My Deadly Life

A 18 year old girl fighting her way through life both literally and mentally while trying to find something that should never be discovered.


2. Night of Truth

Before I could say anything Vanessa asked "Were you in the basement earlier" I said "No I went to the kitchen to get water" hoping they wouldn't know I was lying which they did when they saw the letter in my hand Darrell said "You should know better than to lie why were you in the basement" as I put the note in my pocket I said "Well apparently I don't know better putting the fact I was in the basement aside can either of you tell me why you guys neglected to tell me I was adopted" Vanessa said "It wasn't really important" her comment had me raising my voice "Not important I think differently I have a right to know that you guys aren't my real parents how long before you were planning to tell me this" Vanessa said "You didn't need to know besides if you knew it wouldn't change anything" I screamed "THAT'S NOT THE ISSUE you should have told me just like you should've told you were responsible for their death" after I said that their eyes went cold and they no longer seemed themselves. After awhile of silence I said "I'm not staying here" and tried to leave but Vanessa grabbed my arm and said "You're not going anywhere" then started to choke me. As I was fighting her Darrell came over and was about to knock me out, he would've if I hadn't pushed Vanessa off me causing her to knock both of them off balance long enough for me to run. Before I was out the house Darrell grabbed my arm I fought against his grip till I was free I started feeling nauseous when I saw him pull out a gun. Time seemed frozen then I was moving toward the kitchen for a knife as I reached for it I felt the gun pressing in my back then Darrell said "Back up slowly and you won't get hurt" I started to laugh, while he was momentarily confused I knocked the gun out of his hand while grabbing a knife, before Darrell could get the gun I had the knife to his throat. He probably thought I wasn't going to use it cause he started laughing although before he could finish I drove the knife through his heart. I was shocked by what I did but I didn't have time to think about it when I saw Vanessa coming at me, as she got closer I grabbed the gun and said "Don't come closer I'm not afraid to use this" I saw that she was about to laugh so I decided to let her join Darrell, said “Hope you and Darrell both enjoy eternal suffering” and shot her in the head. Once I was dropped the gun I brought their bodies together, covered them and the entire house in gasoline then lit a match and burned the house after I got the necklace that I had since I was a baby. As I stood there watching it burn I thought I was finally free, but I never knew how wrong I was although I didn't think about it and I wasn't aware that I was laughing.

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