My Deadly Life

A 18 year old girl fighting her way through life both literally and mentally while trying to find something that should never be discovered.


6. A Nightmare Come True

I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar place while I was trying to figure out what happened I heard screaming in the distance, once I looked toward the sound I saw a castle that was on fire. I started to run toward the castle but stopped when I heard someone crying nearby; I listened closely to find the direction it was coming from until I saw a little girl, bent over something, with someone behind her. I walked closer to get a better view until I saw that what she was bent over was the bodies of her parents and her brother was the one standing behind her, as I looked at her closer I noticed that the little girl was me. While watching my younger self cry I stared at the chaos that was happening around me as well as feeling the pain due to my parents death; for a while I felt trapped not knowing what I should do or what would happen next then I noticed two silhouettes approaching as I came to realize who they were I attempted to call out to them but my voice wasn’t working and I watched in fear and anger as Daniel got knocked out and younger me was taken away by Vanessa and Darrell. I felt completely useless knowing there was nothing I could do to stop this then I noticed that Daniel was following them. As they were about to drive away he climbed in the trunk and closed it enough so they wouldn’t notice him then the image changed. I found myself outside their house while they were pulling up

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