My story is about a women who fall's in love with her coworker but she has know idea that he has loved her ever since they started working together will she find the courage to ask him out there's three books in the series if you like reading romance and passion I hope you enjoy my stories. One last important thing I rate this other 18 year olds and above.


2. There romantic feeling

"Are you day dreaming or something Gabe came up to Julia and gave her a hug.Did I just feel something then because her heart was beating fast."Everything okay Gabe asked her.,"Yes everything's fine thanks for asking Gabe."Just ignore his remarks don't listen to him Gabe told her.Julia tossed her blonde hair back." Let's get back to work Gabe.When work was over Julia thought she would walk it home she needed fresh air he's my friend I can't have feelings for a special mate.Maybe I should tell him I may never know if I don't  ask him or make a move on him . She was thinking about this as she walked home.When she got into her apartment Katy her best friend was on the couch with her boyfriend Peter.Why does she get so lucky When it comes to men Julia thought."Hi Katy how are you doing Peter."Fine thanks for asking Julia.H he Julia would you like to order a pizza because we're ordering  some."Chicken then Julia told Katy."Has  something happened you don't look very well Julia do you want to talk about it with Peter here."I won't say anything to that person your going to talk about don't worry Julia Peter told her."It's nothing big or anything but I think I have fallen for Gabe bad style today he hugged me and that was out of the blue I felt my heart beating fast."Ask him out then."It's not that easy I don't know if he has feelings for me I'm not going to make a complete fool of myself."You mean that Gabe you work with I thought you had a crush on Louis."Mr bossy boots Julia said no!                 

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