My story is about a women who fall's in love with her coworker but she has know idea that he has loved her ever since they started working together will she find the courage to ask him out there's three books in the series if you like reading romance and passion I hope you enjoy my stories. One last important thing I rate this other 18 year olds and above.


1. The beginning

"Gabe how on earth are we going to finish off these we have a ton of work to do. Julia was telling him." Let's get to work then madam. "Very funny Julia told him there's too many files Louis gave us. She had her arms crossed they had talked about this yesterday.GABE was her coworker." Julia said I will talk to Louis about this but at that moment Louis walked into the office Julia blushed she thought Louis was quite sexy he was their boss he had those hot sexy look's which any women couldn't resist."Have you finished off those files I gave to you my manager wants those files."Can you give us some more time to finish them Julia asked him."Louis looked at them can't you see your here to work not talk all day long you have until tomorrow evening then he shut the door behind him. Gabe came up to Julia he let Julia get up from where she was sitting. "Do you always listen to him." Well we don't want to get fired do we Gabe. "No Gabe told her just don't always be upset about everything." What makes you say that Julia asked him."You worry too much Gabe said."You would if you had nothing to walk home to Julia said in a bad angry way I'm sorry Gabe I don't know what got into me I shouldn't have been rude to you."It's okay Julia we better get back to work. Julia was thinking  Gabe's a good looking guy he  always Cheer's me up when I'm feeling down why am I so shy to ask him out.

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