My story is about a women who fall's in love with her coworker but she has know idea that he has loved her ever since they started working together will she find the courage to ask him out there's three books in the series if you like reading romance and passion I hope you enjoy my stories. One last important thing I rate this other 18 year olds and above.


11. We do love each other after all

"Well it's up to you Julia."No it matters how you feel too not just me."I'm okay with it."What are you going on about Julia said you need time to think."What is there to think about I have loved you for years now Gabe said."Look I don't want to argue with you right now Julia told him.Gabe got up and kissed her lips softly.If this Carrie's on I don't know what to do Julia thought."We can't keep on doing this were  best off being in a relationship but what about work."I don't care we don't have to show them were together Gabe said."Well last night when we slept together I was drunk Julia told him."What you only slept with me  because you were drunk  then Julia Gabe asked her."No you don't understand I was upset  last night before you came I wasn't thinking properly about  anything that doesn't mean I don't love you ."Well you have got a funny way of showing it Gabe told her."I know so can we give it a go on the other hand I don't want to lose you Gabe Julia said."Who said you were going to lose me I will always be right here for you whenever you need me he told her."Look at the time Gabe quickly finish your breakfast Julia told him.


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