My story is about a women who fall's in love with her coworker but she has know idea that he has loved her ever since they started working together will she find the courage to ask him out there's three books in the series if you like reading romance and passion I hope you enjoy my stories. One last important thing I rate this other 18 year olds and above.


18. Awkward moments

"Peter came over to them have you finished talking get that guy Gabe is a great lad where did you find him Julia.".He works with me Julia told him."Well come on Katy let's get out of here Gabe's gone to the men's room Peter told Julia.When he came out they were all waiting for him."you took your time Julia said."Sorry about that Louis phoned me about work Gabe told them."What did he say to you."Nothing to worry about her face always went bright red when anyone mentioned Louis.Katy was looking at her she knew that Julia must still have feelings for Louis doe's she really love Gabe of is she just acting it out.When they got outside Julia asked Katy if Peter was staying at there apartment Katy said that he was."Please don't be in your underwear when I get back Peter they all laughed see you tomorrow then Julia told them."Okay then Katy said.Julia went with Gabe to his flat  When they got inside she felt quite tense for some reason what should I do she asked herself."Would you like a cup of coffee."Yeah sure why not her voice sounded weak."Are you alright Julia Gabe said."I'm okay Julia told him but she kept on thinking about what Katy had told her before better take it easy then."Are you worried about us having sex Gabe said."Kind of Julia told him."Is that what you and Katy were discussing."Yeah a bit it could cause me to get pregnant you know."Gabe didn't say anything for a while anyway I will always be there for you if it happens we will be a family It's going to be our first baby but we can wait awhile to have children yet don't you think."I love you so much Gabe Julia told him she wrapped her arms around Gabe's body can we sit down  now Julia said.


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