Nightshade series: A Sense Of Manipulation (Book 2)


3. A Little Bit of Devil In Those Angel Eyes...

PREVIOUSLY ON MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.E.I.L.D.... JUST KIDDING! This is still the same story!

"My boss wants you to talk," I pull out my switch blade, "And that's exactly what I plan to make you do..."

"About what? I don't even know you!" Jeff spat. I cut his leg open. He winced in pain. "Psycho bitch..." he muttered, I sliced his leg under the gash that had just been made and got close to his face. 

"What was that?" I asked getting closer to him. "Tell me now, what was that solution that doctor injected in you made of?" 

"The only one who knows... Nightshade?" I sliced another part of his leg open.

"Do I look like stutter boy to you? Or maybe I'm slendyman? Of course I'm Nightshade, but I don't go by that anymore." I said angrily. "Now cooperate and I may just let you out alive..."

"You betrayed me--"

"And kept the ring too. Told everyone you were dead and well, they believed me."

"You shot me."

"I had no choice, you didn't love me, you were going to kill me as soon as that whole fiasco was over."

"THAT'S A LIE AND YOU KNOW IT, NIGHTSHADE!" I swung my blade to make a gash in his cheek.

"That's not my name and no it's not! My source told me... Now tell me what it was made of!" I stabbed the knife into one of his previous wounds making him scream out in pain. "What's the matter Jeff, the pain too much for you?" He winced before replying, 

"I...don't... know. But what I do know is you're a sick, twisted, demented, bitch!" I got up, grabbed my switch blade, and smiled. 

"That's all I needed." 

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