Multiple Bandom on warped tour

This is about a girl who goes on warped tour and steals the show. When she gets hurt and the bands take her on tour with them what will happen. Will she steal everyone's heart or become a little sister? Who is this guy who looks like her, why is he so protective over her, who is she really?


2. Graduation

Quinn POV

   Yes, graduation!!! I was finally able to go on warped tour, I couldn't wait. I was finally out of school, Quinn, I heard my name called. I walked up to receive my diploma, my black leggings and pale blue shirt showing up bright with the lights. My mom wasn't here thank the gods, she would have shown up saying how this was a waste of time, how I didn't deserve a diploma when I hadn't done anything. I sighed and walked to be beside my best friends. They all smiled and hugged me saying," you did a wonderful job." I smiled and nodded," so am I the only one who is going on warped tour, because I want you guys to be there. You all did give me the tickets." They shook their heads," Nah, we know how much you've been wanting to go. We also know that your mother wouldn't buy you the tickets." I smiled and started crying, thank you, I know it sounded more like an incoherent language that only we knew.

A  FEW  DAYS  LATER  (warped tour)

   Today's the day, warped tour is here!!! I smiled and threw on my black leggings on and tore through my closet for my bandom t-shirt. It had every band that was going to be there. I finally found it and then threw it on. I walked out the door before my mum had a chance to wake up from her deep sleep. I walked out with the keys, my tickets, and my papers. I was at warped tour in less than five minutes. I walked over and got my backstage pass, went backstage and met the bands. Black Veil Brides were the first to come up and meet me, one of them looked kinda like me, he just looked like me. I was kinda dismayed but quickly got over it after they started asking about myself. I told them almost everything, except for my mom, of course, they laughed along with me about jokes, apparently I was the only one who had come for backstage. I went to my seat, which was for VIP backstage only, and guess what, I was the only one there. I bet my friends had something to do with that. I watched all the bands perform, but the best part was the end, they asked me to go with them on warped tour, they aka were Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, etc. I nodded. They took me to my house and waited outside while I packed, my mom was up by now. She was searching for money, I handed her whatI had and left a note saying that I went on warped tour with the bands and wouldn't be back. I didn't feel bad about it, but I did at the same time. I left on the bus with Black Veil Brides, we talked and Ashley was trying to use pick up lines on me," if I had to rate you it'd be a nine, because I'm the one you need," he kept trying and it was starting to work. I wasn't going to crush on any of them, but I think I already had.

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